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European Mobility project for Apprentices and vocationnal staff 2014-2016
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Boarders of European Union are quicly expanding and the development of skills for our European workers becomes essential nowadays. Indeed, crafts and companies are now dealing with international exchanges et facing a multinational competition. Qualifications and skills are therefore put into question. In order to contribute to this expansion, it is primordial to provide each apprentice with the possibility to be trained and to work on a European level. It is our duty to offer our learners such a training. Compagnons du Devoir have always given priority to a long life learning and have performed to value on-the-job learning and mobility, mainly through shared experiences, human relations and knowledge transmissions. Long term mobility projects (1 year) have always existed in our association. It is part of our “Tour de France” to have a one-year experience abroad. Since 2011, it has become compulsory, therefore more than 900 of our young professionals have benefitted from such an experience. In 2005, during our annual assembly, Compagnons du Devoir have decided to institutionalize training mobility projects in our initial training, with a compulsory stay of 3 weeks during their 2-3 years of training. The setting up of such a project was gradual and since our mobility certification in2009, we always have reached our goals. 9670 apprentices have therefore benefitted from a 3 week mobility project since then, in European Union, with 24 countries, owing to our trusted partners. Our experience now allows us to choose our best partners to provide our apprentices quality trainings in any of our 27 trades (industry, construction, building, baking, leather and textiles trades). For 2014-2016, we wish to send again 1090 apprentices in gathered mobility projects together with their class and their trade teacher (110 teachers in total), 173 apprentices for a long term (9-10 months), 8 apprentices in a European training for 2 weeks and 11 members of our staff (teachers, educative engineers..) for a 3 days mobility project. This duration is limited due to the availability of those participants. In September 2009 we managed to officially join in the learning annex of the apprenticeship contract the 3 week mobility project abroad for all our level 4 apprentices. The enhancement of the quality of our project is owing to the developed teaching skills of our partners, who suggest for now 2 years a precise programme compatible with our apprentices’ modules in France, with the specificities of the host country. This quality brings a value to our programmes in France and comfort the French companies of our apprentices, worried about this mobility project abroad of their employee. The project will allow our participants to acquire language, intercultural and cross-disciplinary skills. Indeed, apprenticeship and trades are different from one country to another. Travelling is also a way to develop its adaptability and flexibility, 2 qualities required in the labour market. Our partners involved in our projects are training organizations, companies, social partners, consular chambers and intermediate organisms in 20 countries. Mobility is more and more recognized in those countries, therefore most of the previous work placements will be renewed year after year. Years of experience with our partners allow us to organize those projects in mutual trust and prepare at best each participant for his mobility. Each candidate’s mobility will be validated and recognized through a Europass, his skills and competences abroad will be validated by the European partner and the French teacher on our online platform “Aquisav” and with the implementation of the ECVET system. Our partners have already signed the Memorandum of Understanding. The International Service will maintain relationships with partners, prepare and coordinate the follow-up and the validation of each curriculum. They help and support also their training centres in France for scheduling the gathered mobility projects. This ambitious project can’t be organized without the considerable investment of each staff members involved in those actions, in order to prepare at best our participant to have a working Erasmus + experience abroad.



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