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European Mobility for Equestrian Professionals
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Equi[M]obility Project is set out to achieve enhanced employability and improved career prospects for trainees in the field of horse management. Stable management and further jobs affiliated to horse management underwent a rapid Europeanisation and technological advancements in the past decade. Additional efforts are necessary to increase the apprentices’ competences on the European equine market. The Equi[M]obility Project thus is of added value to apprentices in this field as both viable skills and knowhow is acquired, while at the same time the self-empowerment and intercultural awareness of participants are increased. Staff participating in the mobility project will improve their competences and can draw on state-of-the-art expertise from peers in horse management. In the mobility they will partake in a concise training program that will increase their understanding of innovations in horse management and increase their capacity to teach novelties in their regular courses. The comprehensive training courses for both trainees and staff has been jointly developed with the Partner Organisation (Portugal/ Finland) on the basis of a long-term engagement. Also it is ensured that the acquired skills can be fully validated and are fully integrated into the regular training course of the apprentice program. It is expected that trainees have substantially increased their understanding of horse management by completing the mobility. Thus a positive effect on the employability can be expected and the entry into a regular job can be succeeded smoothly. More so it is expected that participants have gained intercultural competences and are willing to also work in other European countries. The staff participating in the project are expected to transfer the teaching expertise of the project partners and hence increase the teaching standards in their home institution. The Stud of Marbach aims at a greater Europeanisation of its trainee program and is set out to make a “European Module” in another European country obligatory within the course of the next five years. The proposed project is therefore an important contribution to an increased labour mobility in horse equine business in Europe.



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