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European Middle Western Arts
Date du début: 1 juil. 2013,

The European Middle Western Arts project, coordinated by 0090, driven by artists’demand for more contact and transnational exchanges and by the urgent need for an active support of the creative processes, wants to connect and facilitate encounters between artists and partners, resulting in artistic dialogues reflecting on the concept of the Middle West, a hybrid space between East and West. The involved partners from BE, NL, TU & GB and their artists are interdependent, continually inspire and stimulate one another throughout the entire creative process generated by individuals with a mobile, subconscious and sharp vision. Often coming from the margins and perceiving the world from a shifted position that is cutting edge and less veiled by custom and tradition, they are able to breathe life into new forms and to visualize new feelings, thoughts, shapes, textures, techniques, and technologies. The concept of the Middle West will be elaborated in dialogue. The surroundings themselves will have a significant influence and they can make the artist feel both at home and estranged. Directing its focus on the Middle East without taking a orientalist position, artistic practices will flourish, free of prejudice and beyond the ‘exotic discourse’. This project focuses on the contemporary European art scene and on the migration movements, active within that scene, according to a contemporary vision on interculturality, taking the influence of the modern nomadic status on the artist as its main focus. The project will actively offer a range of services and mediate within artistic processes, especially where research, creation, residencies and presentation are concerned. For each of the 4 productions 4 performance locations are scheduled (in at least 3 countries). At the end of the project all productions will be presented in one international Festival in Istanbul (TU), inviting art programmers all over Europe.



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