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European Master Programme in System Dynamics
Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Objective The main objective of the European Master Programme in System Dynamics is to teach students everything they need to start an international career in strategic modelling with system dynamics.Course duration Two years (120 ECTS)Brief Description The Master course provides students with two complementary sets of knowledge and skills: analytical modelling and group facilitation. Based on the system dynamics approach, students become specialists in developing sound simulation models that are valuable when designing and evaluating strategies. These rational tools are combined with skills in group moderation and facilitation since only based on participatory settings people are willing to adapt their thinking and behaviour. This combination of analytical and communication skills is why the Master students are known as "CommuniLyzers". Whenever situations are dynamically complex and hard to analyse but at the same time "wicked" in the sense of defying an easily acceptable solution to everybody, system dynamics can help. Career prospectsThe System Dynamics Master students acquire skills that make them successful within European and global organisations, whether it be major consultancy firms, strategic planning departments of larger corporations or in public administrations or NGOs. Graduates are also qualified for more entrepreneurial tasks, either in starting their own enterprise or within established companies. The programme also lays a foundation for further studies (Ph.D).In the past the System Dynamics Master students have been working on a wide variety of topics: from gas market regulation to software development, from policy making for waste disposal to the diffusion of films, from closed-loop supply chains to the social effects of shale gas extraction, and so on.An international experienceAfter the first semester in Bergen that lays down the foundations of system dynamics, students choose between Palermo and Lisbon for their second semester (applications in either public/private management or sustainability science, respectively). The third semester is in Nijmegen deals with participatory modelling and organisational change while the thesis semester can be spent at either of the four universities or with an associate academic partner of the programme. Usually, there are about 15 different nations in classes of 20 to 25 students. Coming from different disciplinary backgrounds, they study in at least three different university systems; some choose to write their thesis with an international associate partner university or a company partner of the programme. During their studies, they are taught by faculty coming from about ten different countries. Based on various semester projects with real-world organisations, students acquire entrepreneurial and practical skills that are valuable for a career in consulting and advisory, strategic planning, and academia. Students are offered language courses at all four universities.A number of EU-funded scholarships are offered to the best qualified candidates.DiplomaIn this scientifically and practically oriented programme, students obtain a joint Master of Philosophy/Master of Science degree of Bergen, Palermo and Lisbon and a Master of Science degree of Nijmegen. Website:



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