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European Master of Science in Food Science, Technology and Business
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2020 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

REFERENCE: 564453-EPP-1-2015-1-BE-EPPKA1-JMD-MOB_BIFTECTITLE: European Master of Science programme in Food Science, Technology and Business, BIFTECObjectiveThe aim of the European Master of Science programme in Food Science, Technology and Business (BIFTEC) is to foster innovation and technology in order to cope with future needs and sustainability.Course durationTwo years (120 ECTS credits).Brief descriptionThe programme is organised in a modular format by three European partner institutions: KU Leuven Technology Campus Gent (Belgium), Catholic University of Portugal (Portugal) and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany). The curriculum covers on one hand an “as broad as possible” range of food production, processing-related and agribusiness topics with a horizontal multidisciplinary approach. On the other hand, the program is offering a vertical specialisation that consists of programme units targeting state-of-the-art topics dealing with different sectors in food processing, development and business, providing access to performing research in these topics and to professional environments in academia and in the industry. Students are required to undertake six compulsory core modules and four optional modules selected from the optional modules listing. These optional modules are organised by the institutes with the most expertise in a particular field. The programme also requires the students to complete a semester of professional competence (a specialization) and work on a scientific project in one of the partner institutions or in an approved workplace and to submit a final master's thesis.Career prospectsBIFTEC's general course is aimed at preparing competent academics for the sector of food production and processing and the herewith linked service sectors. BIFTEC students carry out a professional competence semester to allow them to focus on a specialist area in which they would like to develop their knowledge base, competences and skillsets relevant to the food sector and thereby enhance their employment prospects.Approximately 90% of the graduates of the preceding SEFOTECH.NUT course, which run from 2006 until 2016, have full employment expectations resulting from an ample number of job applications and within a reasonable application time of six months. The academic level of the master’s course is being proved by the ability of approximately 10% of graduates who continue their studies at a PhD level.An international experienceBIFTEC attracts students from all over the world, which adds a valuable intercultural element to the students' experience. All the courses are offered in English in three different European countries. In addition to positions offered directly by the consortium partners, students get the opportunity to conduct their professional competence module and/or their master’s thesis research at an associated partner institution or organisation in New Zealand, the USA, Russia, Italy, Poland, or Germany. DiplomaSuccessful graduates are awarded a joint degree by the three consortium partners.Website



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