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European Level playing field Reader ~ Can community action unlock and deepen the skills of those disconnected from the labour market ?
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EULER is a training programme that concentrates on the skills gap in deprived urban neighbourhoods. By unlocking and deepening skills, it makes previously hidden talents available to the labour market. Rather than aiming at re-training people, EULER builds upon the skills and capacity already present, and harnesses these through community action. The programme raises awareness of the potential of hidden skills as roads towards employability; unlocks and deepens those skills through community action (like Level Playing Field); presents Strategy and Method, OER and online portal as instruments to achieve the recognition and expansion of skills; invites critical thinking about the mismatch between informal activity and the talent in demand; and gathers support for the recognition of community action as educational and training activity. Cities are increasingly the engines of Western economies. Yet they are also focal points of poverty and unemployment in which areas of great wealth sit next to deprived neighbourhoods. The least deprived areas of cities in the UK have an unemployment rate of 4% whereas the most deprived register a staggering 17%. Yet it would be wrong to think of deprived areas as places of inactivity. Research shows an overwhelming amount of unpaid and informal work taking place here, but for kin, neighbour and friend for social rather than economic reasons. Skills and competences harnessed for family ties, mutual aid and voluntarism remain invisible and therefore unavailable to the formal economy. Bridging the gap between these hidden skills and required talents benefits the holders of these skills while also growing the economy. A method to recognise the already present skills, to improve them and to have them certified by potential employers is a solution devoutly to be wished. By creating tailored profiles of every participant, EULER interfaces between the informal skills of deprived neighbourhoods, and the needs of the formal economy. EULER consists of a STRATEGY to identify the skills mobilized in urban community action; a METHOD to collate skills into a tailored profile and advertise the profile on the labour market; an ONLINE PORTAL with OER and digitally available Strategy and Method; APPLICATION of the strategy and method with groups of about 20 people for 40 days each in 4 cities by means of a training programme called Level Playing Field; and critical scrutiny and dissemination of the vision, strategy, method and lessons learned in a international CONFERENCE and BOOK. The impact of the project will be strongest on the target audience of residents from a deprived area. They will strengthen and deepen their skills, builds bridges to the labour market through a tailored profile and increases their self-confidence. At a regional level the project will have impact on the labour market, as well as on the education and training sector: it makes talent available for the economy, while it delivers a form of I-VET that will lead participants on to the C-VET sector. On a European level EULER aims at raising awareness about the hidden skills that exist in urban deprived neighbourhoods. EULER aims for longer-term benefits for those disconnected from the labour market, for the organisations involved - by turning community and urban regeneration organisation into organisations linking to the labour market and the VET sector – for VET-experts, public employment authorities, private employer bodies and academia – by making them aware of the hidden skills present in deprived urban areas, and the potential of community actions to unlock and deepen those skills. Five activities are planned to disseminate the results of the project: the local Application of Strategy and Method; a local exploitation Seminar, a long-term available Online Portal making Strategy, Method, OER and experience freely accessible; an international Conference and related Book on “Can community action unlock and deepen the skill-set of those disconnected from the labour market?” The EULER consortium brings together a unique set of expertise from the fields of education, architecture, urban planning, social innovation and research. It combines long-term collaborators in European Partnerships (City Mine(d) from London and Transit from Barcelona) with organisations who have been commanded throughout Europe for their work in deprived urban areas (TESSERAE from Berlin and NDVR from Antwerp). The driving force behind this project is the partners’ common passion for cities and urban environments, and their ambition to tackle urban unemployment by recognising hidden skills as talents needed in the formal economy.



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