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European Knowledge Center for Mobility II
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European Knowledge Center for Mobility (EUKCEM) II project aims at contributing to a European Area of Skills and Competences and increased EU mobility by offering an one stop shop for important mobility processes including ECVET. The project is a follow-up of the LLP Leonardo da Vinci project EUKCEM that supported quality in mobility by structured step by step information about mobility processes for all actors involved (host organisations, sending organisations and beneficiaries) as well as by a partner search database of quality organisations, that assured to follow certain quality standards and agreed to get rated for their performance by beneficiaries. EUKCEM II will add important components to further support coordinators in mobility and also participants. The added contents will be a growing database of ECVET learning outcomes as well as attractive and user friendly tutorials about the five important parts of every mobility project, such as application, preparation, implementation, evaluation and finalisation. While the participation in EU mobility for students in higher education has become already very usual, for VET learners this is still an exception - even if it is recommended by many stakeholders and meanwhile seen as useful not only for big companies but also SMEs. In Germany work placements abroad are even regulated in the Federal Training Act. A study carried out in 2009/2010 by the University of Jena in cooperation with the mobility consultant of the IHK Ostthüringen showed that 93% of companies and 92% of trainees were not even aware of the possibility to take part in a mobility programme. And even if known, the barriers to start this process, to apply for and manage a mobility project besides other tasks are high for all VET providers - companies and schools. Besides, there are doubts about the recognition. European mobility and tools for the transparency and recognition of skills since years have highest priority on the agenda of the European Commission. During the last years European initiatives were put in place promoting the transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications and mobility (eg. the European Qualifications Framework EFQ, tools for credit systems, quality assurance and documentation of skills and competences). The implementation of these initiatives, as it was pointed out at the conference "Towards a European Area of Skills and Qualifications", has been slow and mobility is still hampered between and within countries, both in the area of education and in the area of employment. For this reason the EUKCEM II project aims at adding further content on the EUKCEM platform addressing those doubts and further facilitating the management of mobility project, with ECVET as integral part. Video animated tutorials, checklists and training contents delivered in webinars from a practicioner point of view about topics such as "From idea to application", selection of beneficiaries, definition of learning outcomes... until how to document and prepare the final report will practically support project coordinators. A growing database about ECVET learning outcomes as basis for the own definition of the outcomes will facilitate the use of ECVET in mobility by far.



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