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European innovative programme for VET of nurses - "Moving and Handling"
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project reacts on the current situation in VET of nurses, concretely in the field of Moving and Handling (M&H). The current situation is determined by following facts: - Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a serious problem among hospital and home care personnel, and in particular the nursing and care staff. The primary cause for MSDs is patient handling tasks such as lifting, transferring, and repositioning of patients. Regarding the UK evidence, this is an increasing trend and 54% of all accidents in the health care sector are associated with manual handling. The situation in the rest of the Europe is even worse. - Even if there are a lot of programmes for VET in the medical sector, their impact is rather low. There is a gap in the educational and training approaches, which would bring a shift in the training and change the moving and handling stereotypes brought by the old training methodologies. - The current situation in the health sector shows a high dynamics in regard to the new trends and technologies. - There is also a need to react at the changes in nursing education in EU in general. Cross-sectorial work is required and the rapid development of new technologies and its tremendous impact on the health sector should be recognised. Vocational education and training in the field of M&H is of enormous importance for daily work life of nurses. The project aims to transfer an innovative M&H educational programme developed in the UK by the Birmingham City University into 4 European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania). The main project activities are: - Analysis of the state of the art - Transfer and adjustment of the innovate M&H educational programme to 4 countries - Train the trainers activities - Pilot testing of the 4 adjusted programme versions - Impact evaluation - Final adjustment of the 4 versions of the m&h course - Multiplier events and dissemination - Project and risk management The impact of the project can be seen in several areas: a) Improvement of the educational process and increasing the efficiency of education b) Reduction of nurse injuries especially work-related musculoskeletal disorders c) Improvement of health care processes Project is submitted by the company LINET, number 4 producer of high tech hospital beds worldwide, which is also active in the field of innovative training. Other 6 partners are the Birmingham City University, 2 nursing associations, 1 VET centre for nurses’ education and 2 hospitals.



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