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European Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change (EUINDEPTH)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strategic objective of the whole FP7 is to support research in all areas, including the Science in Society. The major goal of the Seventh Framework Programme for research and Technological Development is to keep the EU as a world leader. The European identity, cultural diversity and political changes could be the key issue in the encouragement of societal dialog on research policy, stimulating all players to be more active in research, promoting shared values among EU countries and the third countries.The proposed research project brings together 8 European universities and research centres from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Belguim, Poland, Hungary ( EU MS coutries), Moldova (AC) and 7 participant institutions from Russian Federation (third country). It builds on existing cooperation in frame of international networks and associations of European Studies and will enhance the already active collaboration in the fields of European identity and cultural diversity. The establishment of this staff exchange program will in addition promote and strengthen the complementarity of the participants involved and will boost collaborative research activities.The primary objective of this international and interdisciplinary group of research team is to form an excellent center of synergy in research and knowledge transfer in the area of European studies. It is supposed to establish long lasting collaborations through exchange of people and realization of different activities, including meetings and workshops.The main aim of the proposal is to contribute to mutual understanding between nations, development of intercultural communications, identification of similarities and differences of views from European and Russian, Ukrainian sides and search for overcoming of contradictions on the issue of perception of what Europe is, its geographical and cultural borders, what people in project partner countries put into the words “being a European”.



7 Participants partenaires