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European Framework for Lean Training in Healthcare Organisations

• BackGround to the ProposalEFLTHO (European Framework for Lean Training in Healthcare operations) will focus on transfer of LEAN training developed as a result of the Development of Innovation project Lean Across Europe (LeanXEur –project number LdV 153116) to Health Operations. Lean, as a concept, is concerned with Efficiency. The LEAN approach involves the systematic elimination of all non-value-adding activities (in other words, Waste – anything that that is not of benefit to the patient or the institution, such as duplicating work, excess stock, Waiting, Excess Movements etc.) in critical processes. The goal is to only have activities that produce value to the patient. This proposal was developed after a)the highly successful results of the LeanXEur project and an analysis of benefits accrued to industry overall as a result of having applied principles of Lean and Total Quality Management. These two factors combined with the realisation that healthcare, and the skill sets of fulltime professionals in the HealthCare industry were significantly behind that of industry, with no accessibility or progression path defined to allow learning of Lean and Total Quality Management principles. This situation is happening at the same time as significant reductions in funding available to healthcare, escalating costs, but most importantly, an increase in demand for health services. It is this combination of factors that makes the development of a masters in healthcare critical in developing the skills of health professionals in positions that are tasked with resolving this situation.



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