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European Framework for Future Internet – Compliance, Trust, Security and Privacy through effective clustering (EFFECTS+)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2010, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EFFECTS+ provides a coordination service for R&D for Trust, Security, Privacy and Compliance (TSPC) in the Information Society and the Future Internet (FI). It has three parallel, related goals: (1) coordination of project contribution to the development of Future Internet; (2) coordination of project activities through Project Clustering; (3) coordination and integration of the results and findings from (1) and (2), feeding them into an ongoing roadmap that contributes to the agenda for future European research, development, and practice. To date, there has been no overall co-ordination of Future Internet Assembly (FIA) work with early T&S project clustering. The goal is to bring together existing responsibilities of participants in this CA for 'caretaking' Trust and Security in the FIA with the work of projects and project clusters, parallel Future Internet CSAs, and other internal and external initiatives, eg, PPPs, ETPs, ENISA. The proposed structures for clusters cover Compliance, Identity, Privacy, Trust and Security for the FI, providing for co-operation, sharing of problems, ideas, know-how, and results amongst projects and relevant initiatives, plus the dissemination of results and contribution to the strategic research agenda and roadmap. Project activities will address specific topics with agreed objectives, bringing in external expertise as appropriate. A Strategy Group will be established to pull together results and recommendations for future direction. Membership will include T&I 'caretakers', those from other FIA domains, Cluster representatives, and invited specialists in areas not otherwise covered, plus ex officio members from the Commission. Group members will act as ambassadors to other areas and initiatives, and to their own personal outreach.



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