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European Food Studies & Training Alliance
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Rapid changes in the economy and the market framework are a big challenge for the competition of the European Food Industry. The transfer of scientific knowledge and innovation from the research side to the food industry is limited. Real life cases and demand from Industry is not well enough taken up into academic curricula. Staff from university and industry side would both benefit from jointly created CPD programs. Difficulties in the collaboration of universities with companies are often associated with the lack of settings or frameworks to enable an easy collaboration.The proposed “European Food Studies &Training Alliance” EuFooD-STA will establish and provide such a required frame for collaborations between the company and the academic sector by developing the independent ““EuFooD-STA Centre” (virtual platform plus physical hubs) to implement, sustain and extend the developments of this alliance.The project will build up on existing and new results and demand analysis in progress thus ensuring a most cost efficient and up to date basis for the project. 2 multiplier organisations that work as mediators between Research and Companies will expose the project to a great number of Industry & SMEs. The project will focus on the development and boosting of innovative food science & technology studies to improve professional skills of graduates, teachers and industry staff. CPD programmes including tools and approaches (such as placement of University teachers in Industry and participation of industry staff in academic modules) will be set up and improved. The consortium will collect, combine and improve trainings tools and approaches and make this available in a digital library on an open access basis.The developed studies & training, sustained via the EuFooD-STA Centre, will improve the education system of food graduates, teachers and industry staff and provide the frame for continuous development and collaboration between the academic and industry sector.



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