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European Focus on Up Skilling
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This EU project offer full-time students in the FE/VET sector the opportunity to complete a certified mandatory part of thier course of study in another country through the completion of a recognised and EU validated (EUROPASS) placement with an employer who is acknowledged as an expert in their field. Placements are organised by education & training partners who have excellent quality assurance processes & access to innovative placements . All placements will be organised to meet the learning needs of the pparticipants & correspond to their course of study while adding additional employability options. Our proposal addresses the continuing – life long learning needs for additional and further training as proposed in Europe 2020, in that it intends to offer our participants opportunities to acquire additional skills and experiences in an international setting. Placements similar to these are not available to participants from a rural disadvantaged region in Ireland. The project targets areas of best practice in several vocational sectors. It is also our intention that the participants would develop additional or new language skills by participating in the project as well as enhancing their professional & communication skills. Flows 1 & 9 Animal care & management students & science students will complete placements with the University of Life Sciences Estonia where they will work with academic & veterinary staff in state of the art laboratories & vet clinics observing clinical procedures & experiments. Flows 2 & 10 Art, Craft & design & 3 D design students will work on projects from design to completion in the Tartu Print & Paper Museum. Their work will be displayed both in the host organisation & Cavan Institute exhibition. Flows 3 & 11 to Scotland - Multimedia students will work in web design & marketing companies on social media & web campaigns. Hairdressing students will work in city-centre salons, acquiring skills in ethnic styling. Security students will work alongside licensed security operators at major venues & events. Flows 4 & 12 Engineering & electronic participants will be placed in high-tech industries to observe the use of ICT in the management of facilities & design of products in France. Flows 5 & 13 focus on up-skilling cookery student in international cuisine skills in French restaurants. Fashion students will focus on the demands of the French & international fashion industry through working on a project to design and manufacture an outfit. Their work will be displayed both in the host organisation & Cavan Institute exhibition. Flows 6 & 14 in Finland will focus on work-based learning through placements for a variety of business students in businesses, developing ICT, administrative & service skills. Flows 7 & 15 will be focus on business/administrative & service skills development by business & tourism students through working in the hospitality & event management industry in a region known for its developing tourism industry (Slovenia). Flows 8 & 16 will focus on the development of specialised craft skills by furniture students who will work on the design & manufacture of bespoke furniture for high-end leisure craft, based in PLymouth. Engineering & ICT students will work with an innovative recycling initiative - recycling computers for re-use & updating software. On the first day of each programme the participants will complete an induction programme partner organisations & employers attending language and cultural preparation classes. Each participant will be assessed on the skills acquired, language improvements and their general participation in the programme. In addition to their certification at the end of year, they will also receive a EUROPASS certification of participation. As a result of participation in this project the aims, objectives and outcomes of providing our participants with a necessary means to actively participate in the European labour market will be met. Individual training needs and skills including enhancement of foreign language competency of the participants are seriously considered and evaluated. The participants will gain Life Long Learning and broaden their awareness and experience of other cultures and countries in an International setting.



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