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European Federalism and Regionalism
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of this project is to research the phenomenon of European federalism and regionalism, founded on the principle of subsidiarity, and to distribute and implement the results of this research in teaching.Main objectives:1. Study of national models of regionalism and federalism and the role of regions in European integration and international relations;2. Instruction of disciplines that have a European dimension and conducting lectures, seminars, and discussions on the challenges of modern European federalism and regionalism.Target groups – undergraduate students, graduate students, secondary school students, university professors, schoolteachers, researchers, and representatives of regional and municipal government in the Ural region.Implementation of the objectives includes:addition of European content in subjects included in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs;development of a new academic subject, creation of open electronic educational resources,preparation of a textbook, “European Models of Regionalism”; a course of lectures for teachers of history, social science, and law in the Sverdlovsk region;organization of lectures and discussions for secondary school students publication of articles with the research results in academic journals that have electronic resources.Realization of the project will enable:implementation of innovations in the instruction of European subjects;distribution of European content in courses;preparation of specialists who possess knowledge in the field of European integration;inclusion of youth in the study and research of European integration;formation of students’ civil positions, development of political culture, and understanding of benefits of democratic government;further European study and research in Ural region;development of cooperation and contacts with researchers in Russia and abroad;distribution of the European experience regarding decentralization and democratization of European regions in Urals