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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context;Point College wants to develop its activities continuously and offer new possibilities to its personnel to participate cooperation with other European VET schools. Similarly, this cooperation in developng VET curricula implementation is strategically important to the college. The receiving project partners are ROC de Leijgraaf (Netherlands), Lycée des Metiers Chevrollier (France), BBS Rotenburg (Germany) and HETEL (Spain)The project objectives:With special interest on students with immigrant background/culture: 1) Become acquainted with European curricula (structure and implementation) in VET of Business and Administration and Social and Health Care 2) Become acquainted wirth European experiences on integrating students to education and working life 3) Become acquainted with European ways to organize student support and counseling. 4) Become acquainted with European methods for working life cooperation5) To record and assess good European practices based on the participating staff members learning diaries/travel reports 6) To apply good European practices in development work of own school7) Ensuring motivation and learning outcomes of immigrant students as long term objecticeNumber and profile of participants:There will be 16 VET Staff Mobilities during two year period. The participating persons are teachers, team leaders, pedagogical specialists and directors. They are come from departments of Business and Administration, Social and health care, Adult Education and Administration/Support Services. Description of activities:The mobilities will be organized in form of four study trips.- First to the Netherlands in September 2016 ( 3 days, 4 participants)- Second to France in winter 2017 ( 3 days, 4 participants)- Third to Germany in autumn 2017 (3 days, 4 participants)- Fourth to Spain in winter 2018 (3 days, 4 participants)The methodology used:The method for organizing the staff training will be job shadowing. The programme may include contents similar for alla participants and specially tailored contents for each participant. During monilities the participants will prepare a learning diary. After each mobility there will also be feedback discussion. Special points of interest and development ideas will be collected from participants and possibilities to implement them will be evaluated. In the Netherlands part of the mobility programme is covered by participation in internationational symposium of VET development.Results and impacts:1) Participants get new ideas and views to develop own work:- Best practice European teaching methods for implementation of VET study programmes (curricula)- New ideas for teaching and supporting students with immigrant background. - Results from benchmarking the work processes of European colleagues.- Deeper understanding of possibilities and value of European cooperation2) Participating organizations get information and inputs to support their:- Updating curricula implementation methodology- Planning and implementing more effective study paths for immigrant students - Updating of internationalization plans and organizational strategies- Participation in European partner networks and implementing of European cooperation Finally, as longer term benefits, the students (especially those with immigrant background) are expected to get better learning results and have higher study motivation.



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