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European Experience for Quality Nursing
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school aims to provide a European dimension in our nurse specialty that is – nurse responsible for General Care.Our initiative to apply has been triggered by the SWOT analysis and IDP (The Institutional Development Plan) coupled with the close scrutiny of the job market current features in the field of pallative care.Our unit has a poor theoretical and practical expertise in the field of palliative,actually this is a newly approached sector addressed in our curriculum. ADC College, our institutional partner since 2011 has facilitated internships as well as partnerships with the health,social work,etc. Students have no opportunity to gain skills and experience in this domain as consequence this sector continues to be in need of improvement.The competence attains just the primary level, the theoretical one without any real chances of being thoroughly studied.A first step in achieving our goal in further training in palliative care requires the involvement our our trainees in quality training both on theoretical and practical level.Our teachers urgently need this not to mention that there are also 45students who also attend our school.Target group consists of 45students,3teachers,three flow of 15students each, he first flow will be selected from the class that will graduate this year and the next two series of students will be selected from third and second year students who will do their practical training in the first semester of the third year–oct,2016.Hopefully, they will succeed to find a job either on the national or international labour market. Students will attend10days of training in12palleative care centres in London where based on the work plan approved by the NA,the participants will perform the activities outlined in the performance descriptors for acquiring the relevant competence in palliative care. Teachers will attend the training in the care centres and training centres in healthcare in order to acquire the modern methods of teaching and organising of practice in the field of palliative care. Purpose: The organisation of practice activities in palliative care within a modern and European setting and location for the 45 future Nurses Responsible for general careand 3 teachers,from the Nursing College, Zalau.The opportunity to insert in the national or international labour market. Objectives 45 Students to learn modern methods and tools for the analysis of specific signs and symptoms of advanced and terminal disease states in palliative care 45 participants to use the methods and means of identifying the issues of addiction and establishing nursing diagnoses to pacients with advanced and terminal disease states 45 students to learn to identify the problems of addiction,develop care plans 45 students to apply their own and delegated interventions planned in the context of palliative care in Britain 45 Students will evaluate the outcomes of care applied in European centres–Students withing the target group will gain experience in the workplace which is part of the European dimension 45 students are involved to ease their transition from professional training to employment by work experience in a European country Participants to know the functioning and system of palliative care centre Participants both students and teachers to acquire communication skills in English language Teachers learn modern methods of teaching palliative care unit Teachers learn the European strategies of organising the palliative care practice in the teaching Participants to know the health system in the UK Participants are offered the opportunity to acquire quality training in the professional field chosen;to become role models for their peers and provide further European models of good practice to classmates,work and school,helping to promote quality service, and the mindset of open, strong and well trained professionals.Teachers will feel better prepared and as a result may offer a new European vision to colleagues in organizing teaching activity.Teachers will give students a quality training in an attractive and modern manner in accordance with the European model.Participants will be selected by measurable selection criteria,this will be a transparent process and aims to avoid conflict of interest offering equal opportunity to each candidate.Europass Mobility and ECVET- will prove the training in European and national context for better employability.On a personal level,the impact will be unexpected difficult to measure,and in a more measurable extent due to the quality of services, employability rate,quality of teaching,the satisfaction of beneficiaries by enjoying professional care,through quality relationships at workplace.The economic impact will be measured by an increase in the rate of insertion,socially,the image of the institution,trained professional.The events of promotion and dissemination will ensure the project's visibility and the school will become acknowledged on a European level.



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