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Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The last 15 years Aventus invested much into sustainable relations with European partners. Reciprocal projects and knowledge exchange especially concerned:- Improvement of the quality of preparation and tutoring of international work placements by both Aventus and the foreign training companies.- Building up (formal) European networks of partners designing policies as to contents and validation of international work placements- The structure and curricula of the courses and innovative projects/routes resulting in European Job Profiles with units of learning outcomes, such as: European Management Assistant, European Import and Export Assistant, European Transport & Logistics Assistant, European Green Automotive Energy Mechanic, European Fashion Designer, European Fashion Production Coordinator, European IT System Administrator, European Application Developer, European Marketing Assistant, European Private Security Assistant.- Monitoring of the trainee’s learning process during the international work placements while accomplishing growth with linguistic and intercultural competences- Connecting assessments of growth of intercultural competences (within the international work placements) with career guidance of participating students - Introduction of ECVET proof “European Job Profiles” for Welfare and Health care coursesDuring the last 3 years ECVET instruments were implemented, such as the Memorandum of Understanding, Learning Agreements and Units of Learning Outcomes. The translation from work processes into “units of learning outcomes” was completed within the first 10 European Job Profiles. The outcomes of international work placements have become more transparent and valid. Aventus has become a member of the following “European Job Profile” networks: NETINVET (International Trade and Transport & Logistics), EUrFASHION (Fashion), EURO-AST (Management Assistant), EEE (green car technology), Shaping IT (IT System administrator, Application Developer and Media shaping), AEHT (Hotel and Tourism) M&C (European Marketing Assistant) and NOKAS (European Private Security Assistant). Aventus believes that for the next few years it is of great importance to cooperate with European partners by using ECVET instruments to create more clarity about the learning outcomes of international work placements and to get to a fitting assessment system for them. In order to do this Aventus is an active member of both formal and informal networks that are based on “European Job Profiles”. Aventus aims at exchanging expertise, experiences and best practices as to assessment and validation of professional tasks during international work placements of students, innovations and tested recipes to complicated educational issues together with its partners within these networks. All project partners within this project offer many ideas for realising learning goals for the individual students derived from the European Job profile concerned. As a learning organization Aventus will submit this application both from the perspective of the individual student and the qualifications they aim at with a new focus at level 1 and 2 with the “Professional Orientation” and at level 3 and 4 with assessments of professional units of learning outcomes and last but not least validation of these meaningful learning experiences for the participants at all 4 levels. The effect for the students will be that the professional as well as the personal learning goals like “self reliance” and the status as a Europan Citizen, in which cultural differences are recognized and accepted. The effect for the entire partnership is that in determining a fitting international work placement the current curriculum, the job profiles and the connection to the European labour market will be reviewed. Both Aventus and the participating students will be stimulated to invest into flexibility of the work force, so that European citizenship also gets a wider European labour perspective. In designing the “Professional Orientation” international work placements the main focus will be on determining how the connection between current curriculum and foreign language learning can be made. The effect for the corporate world lies in extending their own European network by participating in the EUROEX project and reciprocal projects of Aventus’ European partners and getting to know new, sometimes innovative approaches. The ECVET-instruments that will be used in this project are “Memorandum of Understading”, “Units of learning outcomes” and the “learning agreements”. These learning experiences will be endorsed bij the development of the extra course 'Internatinalisering" I and II, bij offering Cambridge language courses and courses at the Goethe Institut. In short, "EUROEX" will challenge the Aventus student to excel in the professionally highlighted parts of their education as well as in the areas of linguistic and interculturel competences and European Citizenship.



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