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European Equine Entrepreneur 2016 - 2018
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background:This project aims to set up an equine entrepreneurship education network. This network will aim to improve the entrepreneurship competences in the curriculua of equine education.During the project we will compare the existing curricula throughout Europe and - together with the sector - define the key competences needed by the sector. The key competences will be implemented in courses offered by the partner schools. This will contribute towards the transparency and recognition of skills. Incorporating these key competences in the curricula will improve employability within and outside of Europe.Partner schools will investigate setting up international courses for students from other countries, thus creating a network of ‘expertise centers’. The project will also investigate the need to train the teachers within the partner organizations.Objectives:1. Creation of a network of equine entrepreneur educators in Europe.2. Defining the key competences of the equine entrepreneur needed by the sector inside and outside Europe (in particular China).3. Comparing existing curricula.4. Running a pilot with student groups setting up an international 'mini company'.5. Investigating the possibility of creating European 'expertise centers', where students can follow part of their education abroad.Number and profile of participants:This project has a cross sectoral approach. We have 7 project partners from different countries. Four of the partners are colleges, training future equine entrepreneurs. Equipeople is an Irish company specialising in bringing together equine vocational and academic education and the world of equine business. The sectorraad represents the sector in the Netherlands. It is spokesperson and link for equine vocational studies and the world of work.The Holland Horse Foundation is a network of leading Dutch equestrian businesses out of different branches of the equine sector, who are complimentary to each other. They create the link for this project with China, a country where the equine sector is rapidly developing with the help of Europe.Description of activities:We will start with defining the key competences for the equine entrepreneur.Simultaneaously we will compare the existing curricula of the participating colleges, to see which key competences need to be strengthened.As a pilot, we will run a student project group with 2 students from each participating college. They will set up an international 'mini company' together. We will write a handbook for such project groups, so that they can continu after the project.We will set up an internation network for equine entrepreneur educators (linked to the already existing equien educators network).We will also investigate the possiblity of creating European 'expertise centers', where students can follow part of their education abroad.Methodology:Our project methodology will be based on the activity plan (agreed upon the signed MOU), which will be monitored and adjusted once a month at Skype meetings.The project coordinator from Groenhorst Barnveld will be primarily responsible for guarding the activity plan and time tables.Results:- A European network for Equine Entrpreneur Educators- An overview of key competence for the equine entrepreneur- A handbook for running international project groups with students (mini companies)- A plan for creating expertise centers.Impact:This project will lead participating institutions one step further toward the ultimate goal which is to ensure by the end of initial education and training young people have developed key compentences "sense of initiative and (equine) entrepreneurship". To achieve this goal we need skilled teachers to teach entrepreneurship in a motivating way adding more practical methods to the organization involved in this project, which will lead to greater understanding about the equine entrepreneurships true meaning. The partners from the sector together with Vocational Schools will establish a long lasting cooperation for "Learning by Doing" in an entrepreneurial way. We want our students and teachers to know how important equine entrepreneurial thinking is in now and in the future, since the education world is changing rapidly. The sharing of companies with the Vocational Colleges, what type of student they prefer will be strengthened with this project. It is proven that entrepreneurship skills are more and more needed.Long term benefits:- Changes in the teaching methods at schools and more involvement of companies. - Future Equine expertise centers where Education and Companies are both involved.



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