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European Dual System
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EU-DualS project is based on the idea to arise Europe from the job crises, starting from the educational system. Europe is facing a complicated situation because manufacturing companies need specialized workers, but they don't have the time to teach them, and it's difficult to find them. At the same time, youth unemployment rate in Europe, especially in the southern regions, is increasing. The EU-DualS project create a bridge path between schools and the job market, introducing students gradually and practically in the work enviroment. The scope is to create stable and strategic alliances for VET education. In this context, the actual German dual system for VET schools(students aged 14-18) represents a best practice in Europe. It is able to introduce youth in the job market, applying learned competences during school time, bridging the lack between first job experience and school environment. The scope is to introduce the German dual system in an innovative way, targeted on member states needs, respecting cultural and job environement. EU-DualS project has scheduled a novelty pilot session, with 50% of school time implementing lessons, and the other 50% at work(apprenticeship), applied on real school contexts: one session will be implemented in Italy, and the other one in Spain EU-DualS introduces a new school methodology standard profile, a European Standard Curricula, able to be applied in all member states. The idea is to encourage students to discover the EU-DualS curricula, which is able to lead them in the job market in a direct and protected way(under schools and national law control ), ready to achieve the job market and its real needs, developing transversal skills ( such as communication, technical and logical capacities, interpersonal skills, adaptation spirit, other languages and culture open mind etc). With its activities, the project will be able to: - bridge the gap between VET educational world and companies, reducing the unemployment rate among youth(aged 18-25) - create sustainable relationships, links and collaborations among relevant key stakeholders and schools in Europe, and among them, exploiting other Member States best practices - (ET2020 strategy) contributes to decrease the early school leaving in Europe, with particular regards to Soutern countries - (ET2020 strategy) contributes to achieve an high quality of efficiency for the education sector, boosting mobility activities as part of the a European complete school curriculum EU-DualS target group is focused on students ( aged 14-18), VET teachers, entrepreneurs/manufacturing companies. Project activities will be implemented in different phases: 1) project management: along the project lifetime, the lead partner will take care to coordinate project activities 2) preparation: it will be implemented with: 2 technical workshop(1 for the curriculum draft definition, and 1 to train teachers and company tutors to implement the new methodology), finding agreement between companies, trade unions and national law to protect students with an apprenticeship contract, select classes to be involved (1 in Italy and 1 in Spain, total 50 people). 3) PILOT:It will be implemented in Italy and Spain with 25 people per each. It wil follow the regular school year. Students will try 50% of school lessons, and 50% at work(regular appreticeship).In order to boost transvers skill, they will participate to a mobility activity in Germany, in a work environment.To be prepared on that, they will attend a regular German language course. 4) e-learning:technical workshops and mentoring for schools will be recorded, adapted as lessons, and uploaded on a dedicated project webplatform. It will be useful to increase awareness about project results, to boost the model curricula replication and for spreading project excellence. It will be linked with a YouTube channel and always free of charge 5)Evaluation and curricula development: Finally the model methodology is ready to be definitively defined and spreaded around Europe. To achieve a wide interested audience, consortium partners will develop: final methodology guidelines, a detailed Hand Book to make easier the replication in shools and universities 6)dissemination and exploitation: the strategy is defined since the project start to achieve the wider audience as possible. Many dissemination tools are scheduled like the website, the webplatform, the social media 2.0. tools, printed brochures, press release etc. In particular, the consortium partners have planned several national dissemination events (Italy, Spain, Germany) and a final comprehensive conference in Brussels. Concerning exploitation, the webplatform and the link with YouTube/Vimeo always free of charge, will guarantee a good exploitation level.In addition, partners commits to involve "follower schools"to attend e-learining session and national events, to inform their own network about project results.


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