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European Diploma in Policing

The nine project partners, in four countries, aim to develop a standardised EDP (European Diploma in Policing), for senior and potential police officers, with the longer-term vision of EU-wide application. The design, content and structure of the EDP will be developed in consultation with partners during the Leonardo funding phase, which will comprise pilot design and delivery, accreditation, evaluation and dissemination with the aim of developing and agreeing upon an educational standard for the Diploma. There are two basic elements of the EDP that each student will be required to study: firstly, the nature of domestic policing and criminal justice and secondly, the nature of EU/international policing. Students will study the policing and criminal justice cultures of at least one other EU Member State with the aim of learning about police practice and 'good practice' initiatives in other contexts. To this end, the EDP will fill a gap in police officers' current knowledge base concerning law enforcement practice in other countries and will provide police officers with a standardised vocational qualification that is recognised in other countries. The results of the EDP pilot will be disseminated in a number of formats (electronic, paper) to the project's partners for further development and will be launched through police agencies and universities.



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