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European CYber Security Protection Alliance (CYSPA)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 31 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of CYSPA is to address trustworthy ICT through a European strategy to protect cyberspace, with target audiences ranging from research communities and industry to public authorities and infrastructure operators.This goal builds on the analysis that the entire cyberspace which embodies our connected society has been created by technology but evolving towards trustworthy ICT requires taking into account all dimensions, from human to legislative, from infrastructure to information, from economic to societal. This means addressing the issue at European level and prioritizing the initiatives based on economically validated metrics.CYSPA is proposed by 17 partners and 4 supporting organisations from industry and research, extending across 10 countries and promoting a top-down approach,-\tstarting from the economic and societal impacts of cyber disruptions-\tintegrating the role and expected impact of on-going initiatives-\tdetailing the capability needs through a solutions and technology observatory-\tevaluating the optimal uptake and deployment modelsto ultimately deliver and disseminate an integrated European strategy to protect cyberspace.In the short term, CYSPA is an ICT support action.In the mid-term, CYSPA is an alliance of stakeholders taking trustworthy ICT forward with a prioritised, evolving, industry and research supported, economically validated strategy and implementation lines.CYSPA delivers four major outcomes-\tcyber disruptions impact report and associated metrics-\ta technology & solutions observatory-\tintegrated European strategy for the protection of cyberspace-\tstructured community from providers to operators, making CYSPA evolve as a self-sufficient alliance beyond the lifetime of the CYSPA project.CYSPA innovates in moving from a bottom-up technological / legislative push model to a top-down, user / citizen pull model supported by refined and focused metrics.



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