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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is addressed to those interested in enriching and extending their knowledge and research in European studies, more concretely various aspects of European culture, based on the thematic sections proposed, and multidisciplinary angles integrated under the roof of European integration involved in the discussions. The impact of the “European culture” conference is designed to reach a high academic level, due to the European participation, but also to the involvement of other non-European scholars and researchers, since the co-organizer of the event is the Institute for European Studies at the Peruvian University of Piura.The event will bring together a wide variety of perspectives; it aims to exploit multi-disciplinary resources, but also to create a network of activities and endeavours that transcend local borders and academic institutions in other countries, therefore achieving the production of research that cannot be attained through research activities within local boundaries. Consequently, the key objectives may be summarized as follows:a) To foster innovative research in the area of European culture;b) To create and support a network of academics and researchers from the EU and non-EU countries, high-level national and international experts, PhD candidates, post-doc fellows, researchers, civil society and NGO representatives; c) To intensify the academic dialogue between experienced scholars and young researchers.The proposed sections aim to explore and research seminal problematics for our contemporary world, such as the challenges for cultures in transition, minorities and identities in multicultural Europe, an analysis of the cultural relations between Europe and other continents, a perspective of the images of Europe in other cultures, as well as the visions of Europe, expressions of European culture, cultural references of the Europeans, a history of European culture and European identity.