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European Competence Initiative -Early Childhood Intervention

European Competence Initiative – Early Childhood Intervention (ECI 2.0) aims to increase professional skills of professionals working in ECI. ECI provides developmental and parental support to children with established disabilities or at risk to prevent further impairments and empower full participation (6% of children per birth year in EU27). Due to the complexity of intervention “a team around the child” (MD, special educators, psychologists, social workers) deliver child and family related services for children 0-3 years. Despite their basic education theses professionals are not sufficiently trained to work a) with small children (0-3a), b) in and with families and c) within transdisciplanry teams.However beside their basic education most professionals in EU27 (except in AT, partly ES, CH) are not adecuately prepared to work in and with families Despite efforts of diverse EU initiatives (European Agency, previous projects) and despite a defined EU (EQF level 7) curriculum frame ( and academic professional resources ( still a lack of concrete “ready to take skill-trainings” is observable for those professionals who work directly with and in the family, especially in the new EU member states (SK, LT) and TR. Outputs (EN, DE, SK, TR)The output of ECI 2.0 are 1) "ready to take training materials" for ECI professionals and indirectly for families in TR, SK and LT by transfering available EU skill-training material into the target geographical areas,n2) an online tool to monitor VET aspects for frontline educational professionals and 3) ICT training tools.The output are reached bya) a transfer from the EBIFF curriculum towards ready to take training materials by means of activating EU resources and social networks creating a community of practice (for LT, SK, TR) supported by the EU dissemination partner Eurlyaidb) a transfer of the EBIFF online assessment tool in order to monitor training processes in TR c) by the usage of ICT tools (e.g. Multimedia WBT systems also related to mobile methodologies and direct work in families tobe used as reference training and family supporting material)Consortium: ECI 2.0 is based on a multistakeholder coopeation ( TR Government, Research and Training TR, LT, SK), private training and development Agency (AT) as the former developper of the EU frame, ICT-specialist (AT), operative ECI centre in order to ensure valid transfers (SK) and a EU dissemination partner (LU).Impact: The quality and comparability of training, usage of ICT in terms a community of practice of EU strategies and ready to take skill-or training in ECI is increased in TR, LT and SK due to easier ICT-access to skill oriented training material. The online training assessment tool allows the monitoring of VET processes in ECI and increases comparability for the end users (parents) . Learning is performed within a web 2.0 based community of practice and supported by EU best practice examples.



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