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Date du début: 1 avr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the past when the civilization process used to develop at slower rate and more easily, the change of generations, the appearance on the social and economic stage of youths and their transformation into key social and economic actors also used to take place slowly and harmoniously. At present, we observe an extremely high intensification of everything social and economic and the cultural processes, which leads to various misbalances in some of the fields, channels, and institutionalized forms of socialization of young people. We are witnessing an expanding youth unemployment, incompatibility between obtained professional qualification and the needs of the active economic actors and processes, lack of entrepreneurship opportunities and undertaking independent creative enterprises for the young people up to 30 years of age, etc. The general aim of the present project is to provide young people with up-to-date, electronic communication solutions for the stimulation and support of their entrepreneurship activity, carrying out an informal training, and the use of open educational resources of entrepreneurship in an effective and innovative way corresponding to the modern lifestyle of the youths. The innovative educational products developed within the project stimulate youth entrepreneurship to both the youths who have completed a stage of their professional education and actively search the field of theirs economic realization and those currently acquiring their professional qualification in secondary and higher educational institutions. To realize this common general aim via a project in the Youth Sector in collaboration with youth workers of the three sectors - NGO members working with youths, teachers and university professors, we found the overlapping segment of priorities common to all three sectors – formation of knowledge and development of skills for the application of the obtained professional qualification in the field of business entrepreneurship. We have orientated the specific aims of the project towards: - Organization and classification of open educational resources and high-quality educational services in entrepreneurship in an accessible and well-arranged educational environment. At present, the Internet abounds in educational resources which would in general be of use to the young people trying to realize their business enterprises. The youths, however, due to the lack of social experience find it difficult to orientate and sift out the resources suitable for their enterprises. Meanwhile, the very presentment and the used formats on the Internet are not enough up-to-date and adequate considering the technological boom of ICT. Our ambition is to create a highly organized educational space with numerous interactive functions and a simplified interface. - Acceleration and initiation of youth entrepreneurship activity via modern software communication solutions. The increasing role of social networks in all spheres of social life is apparent. Recently, we have been witnessing how, via facebook, social protest of great scale growing even into revolution have come into being. Our idea is to create a specialized thematic network by using all innovative software solutions, which literally develop and improve with every passing day. It will be a creative communication environment provoking youth activity and having numerous electronic tools facilitating and supporting partnership relations and business interactions and cooperation. - Influence on the behavior and qualification of young people directly in their everyday agenda and specific living conditions. We expect to reach the needs and aspirations of the youth and to achieve the opportunity to render services to the maximum via the project using the personal communication devices of the youths – smartphones and tablets. After the realization of the project activities and the creation of the three innovative educational products, we expect the youths deliberating over any type of economic activity, or simply feeling entrepreneur potential within themselves to be provoked and receive great support in setting up their own business enterprises. They will be able to make use of the created online training courses in entrepreneurship on the basis of appropriate information and acquaintances with mentor coaching systems to acquire th e necessary knowledge and master adequate skills of the modern business environment, to obtain information regarding the opportunities for funding and crediting, or simply prepare and take part with their own projects in the various grant schemes of European, National, Public, or Private donor programmes.



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