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European Car Painting - Education and Motivation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Car painting – Education and motivation Vocational education faces many of the same challenges all over Europe. Companies need highly skilled workers and innovative techniques to compete on the global market and at the same time many young people has difficulties finding a job, even with a vocational degree. Vocational schools faces challenges with motivating students for vocational education, often seen as low-status compared to other forms of education. Schools try to prevent and fight the high rate of early-school-leaving and drop-outs, and motivate students in vocational trades. Students come from various social backgrounds and some with poor social and intellectual skills. Vocational education educates young people for jobs in industry, and it is important that schools and educational organizations work closely together with private companies to ensure that graduates has the right competencies. This project addresses educational issues in the car painting industry. Car painting is a small trade in the industry and the organizations are depended on international relations for cooperation. The goal is to create a close European network for exchanging ideas and experiences between all partners involved in educating car painters. The participants represents small and large vocational schools, educational organizations, unions and trade organizations and private companies. The network will compare and discuss needs and expectations to students and trained car painters and exchange ideas and best-practice. The project will address these themes related to educating car painters: The transition from primary school to vocational education. Student guidance counseling. How to match expectations from students and vocational schools. How to improve the image of vocational education (car painting). How to attract motivated students and students with higher qualifications. Motivation. How to prevent the high number of drop-outs in the first year of vocational education. How to motivate students and help them complete the basic training. How is the education of car painters organized and structured in the participating European countries and how is the challenges with early-school-leaving and motivation of students met? How can we promote and benefit from international mobility of students and teachers? What are the needs in the companies and organization for practical skills and general competences to create and secure job opportunities for car painters?



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