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European Campus - Together for European Citizenship
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By the project " European Campus - Together for European Citizenship" the vocational training center Campus CIFOP in Angoulême, France open up its doors for hosting European volunteers in order to promote the intercultural exchange and to raise European awareness among their students. The project will be coordinated by the French organization TERA-Maison de l’Europe de la Charente. The EVS project will take place in the suburbs of Angoulême (L’Isle d’Espagnac). The hosting organization Campus Cifop will host three volunteers coming from Latvia, Italy and Spain for an 11 months EVS project starting in September 2016. The main idea of this project is to give local students the possibility to meet other Europeans. The project takes place in a rural area where the young people oftentimes have not the possibility to go abroad to discover other cultures. There is generally no high awareness for European citizenship and intercultural exchange. By inviting European volunteers, Campus Cifop wishes to foster the intercultural exchange. Unfortunately racism and stereotypes are current problems that we as educators have to deal with and we recognize that the ideas of extreme right wing parties gets more and more support especially from our young generation. We as an educational institution working with these young students consider that we have an important role to play in order to prevent any kind of radicalization and to promote non-discrimination through education.We are convinced that sharing positive experiences in a non-formal way on an everyday basis together with people from different backgrounds is the key to create a greater tolerance among the young European generation and that is why we want to give a positive example by hosting European volunteers in our team. Through the activities organized by the volunteer the local students will learn more about European citizenship and different cultures. Exchanging with other Europeans in a non-formal ways helps to promote mutual understanding between young people from different social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. This EVS project will therefore have a long lasting positive impact on the local youth regarding the fight against stereotypes and racism. We are convinced that the understanding among nations can be driven forward through intercultural exchange. The volunteer will be involved in all socio-educational activities of the school. One of the main activities of the volunteer is therefore to organize activities, events and games in cooperation with the social workers at the school in order to- present their own country, its culture and language- to inform the students about the possibilities of going abroad with the European Voluntary Service and other European programs- to raise awareness about European citizenship by talking about Europe, the European Union, its history and its institutions- help to organize cultural projects, field trips and activities for and with the students- foster the dialogue and intercultural exchange between the students in order to fight against stereotypes and racismThe project will certainly have a positive impact on the personal growth of the volunteer who has lived in a foreign country for several months. They will improve her French skills, gain professional experiences in the work with young people in the education system and will become more independent. We also hope to encourage the French students to go abroad through the information work about European mobility programs thanks to the volunteer. In a long run we hope to establish a strong partnership between the French sending and the European hosting organization in order to envisage further European projects.



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