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European Art'mony
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context and backgroung project: European Art'Mony project is a project about architecture from the XIXth century. We would like to show that our own architectural environments in Europe share many similarities. As years go by, European societies change and architectural environments as well, with cross-influences. We would like to help students to realize that architecture reflects our European societies and their shared values. Participants: Students , teachers and professionals will be involved in the activities. Parents , local elected officials, and educational community will indirectly benefit from this project. METTRE LE NOMBRE Description of activities: 1.Creation of the website and of the facebook page. 2.Knowledge improvement on architecture. Experts present the different architectural styles. Students work on the links between architecture and European societies’ values. Each country manages an exhibition and / or a publication of photos in order to organize a competition to elect the best ones. 3. Presentations of the schools. Students prepare a video that aims at presenting our school as an institution and as a building. 4. Creation of a calandar 5. Creation of the logo project. Organization of a european contest. 6. History& Symbolism. Write the history of a national monument ( XIXth ) and describe its purpose and social value as well as its architectural description. Creation of a game « time’s up ». 7. Urban policy and urban planning. Students explain the characteristics of the area (geography – climate) Meeting with a member of the town hall if possible .What are the impact of these rules on inhabitants ? Creation of a slideshow / powerpoint presentation 8. Monuments in public space. Choose photos of urban landscapes or monuments that can provoke a reaction (street art / bridges) Survey : Each country will create a questionaire with at least 6 questions using the photos. The aim is to analyse how the population reacts to some urban landscapes ou buildings. 9. Initiation at the art of the photography.Work with a professional photographer Shots, symbolism analisys. What is trying to be communicated and what is communicated . 10. Maths: forms / volums/ curves/ proportions/ golden number 11. Architecture and ecology. (February/ March 2017) How do contemporary architects take ecology into account in their works ? Prepare a slideshow presenting different photos of eco-friendly buildings. Presenting different labels and national rules and discussion about the European rules. Methodology: We would like to involve students on the same tasks to share methodology to analyze links and differences between European architectures. Multidisciplinary activities(History, Geography, Sociology - and Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology) are coherent / consistent with educational rules of each country. Students’ productions will be integrated in the book project of the partnership. A meeting will be organized in each country. Four students from each country will be invited for each meeting: they will present their productions and work together on the book writing. The meetings will allow : -to become the springboards of the next steps of our work, -to concentrate and give a lift to the work done between two meetings on our digital platform, -to bring the group closer together and therefore enhance the involvement in the project. Description of the results expected and impacts: The expected results are : - the productions (the book, the calendar,....) ; they will be coherent with the specifications decided by the partners. - (for students) : a good knowledge about architecture, History, Sociology, photography, etc. ; open-mindedness ; languages skills improvement ; improve their skills in self-managing a project. - (for students and teachers) : to learn how to work in an international team, to respect the cultural differences of each partner ; knowledge improvement of European educational systems. - (for the educational community) : Strengthen the feeling of being a European citizen. - (for the schools) : to create a European network in order to develop exchanges ; to extend and strengthen their local radiance.



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