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European Area of Recognition 2
Date du début: 1 févr. 2012,

Project titleEAR 2: European Area of Recognition 2Project descriptionThis project is a follow-up to the successful EAR project, in which a recognition manual has been developed for the ENIC/NARIC networks.The EAR manual has been received very well by the ENIC/NARICs and other stakeholders, as a document containing the standards and guidelines of recognition, based on the good practice of the Lisbon Recognition Convention.The main aims of the EAR2 project are:- To produce a more user-friendly web-based version of the EAR manual;- To provide training for ENIC/NARICs, in order to implement the good practice in the EAR manual;- To improve and update the EAR manual and to establish a mechanism to periodically update the EAR manual after the lifetime of the project. Activities• Developing a web-based version of the EAR manual, including a facility for collecting comments from users.• Collecting more practical examples and useful links to clarify the recommendations in the manual.• Provide on-line training in the use of the EAR manual, making use of social media, and setting up discussion groups of participants.• Provide face-to-face training sessions in connection with the ENIC/NARIC meetings of 2012 and 2013.Project teamENIC/NARICs of: UK, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ireland and The Netherlands;Steering Group: President of the ENIC Bureau, President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee (associated partner) and Special Advisor to USNEI (associated partner).Target groupsENIC-NARIC offices, students, higher education institutions.Impact:EAR2 is expected to: implement the standards and guidelines of the EAR manual, thus improving recognition practice in the European region; lead to more agreement among ENIC/NARIC centres on applying good practice;  facilitate a more uniform response of the ENIC/NARIC networks to developments in international recognition.


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