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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European 2020 strategy and its objectives are set out in 5 fields: education, employment, innovation, poverty and climate change. Of these fields, our project wants to collaborate on the first 4. Seven flagship initiatives support those goals, they create the framework in which the EU and national administrations can join efforts and reinforce each other in areas related to the Europe 2020 priorities: innovation, digital economy, employment, youth, industrial policy, poverty and efficient use of resources. These 7 flagship initiatives are distributed into three areas of growth: intelligent, the sustainable and the Integrator. Within the smart growth the main objective is the improvement of performance by stimulating the need to learn, study and update knowledge, the use of innovative new products and the use of ICT. This is precisely what we want to achieve with the development of our project. Our project emphasizes the initiative "youth on the move" that aims to: · help students to study abroad · better prepare young people for the labour market thanks to the skills acquired throughout the learning process · bring to our students the enriching opportunity to study at European universities · foster academic and excellence of equal opportunities through the improvement of the levels of education and training The cultural diversity generated by this project enriches and strengthens the relations between Finland and Spain. It is very important to exchange experiences and educational methodologies between these two European countries with so disparate contexts. As a result, the main objectives of this project are: · Knowing educational system in secondary level in Spain and Finland, and discovering how to work in both countries using the methodology of "Problem based learning" instead of working by subjects. This is, experience the “learning by doing” methodology (Project based learning), as long as students will learn about these two countries by making research and then by comparing the results achieved · Bringing students to the social and cultural realities of Finland and Spain. · Strengthening created links between Finland and Spain in previous European projects. · Working on the students' personal autonomy in order to enable them to manage on their own outside the family environment,which will be transferred to later stages · Knowing and adapt to other social, geographical,university and laboral realities within the European framework, accepting and respecting possible differences in daily life contexts · Improving the linguistic competence in the “lingua franca” and incorporating new languages to the students' communicative repertoire · Encouraging the use of ICT in education Our students have the chance to be in these two different European regions and experience their different lifestyles. So this project will help us to promote students and teachers’ mobility and to continue with the great experiences that some students have lived before. As the main result of this project. it will be generated a public website, a dvd with all presentations created all through he project and a video with the students' experiences.



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