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Europe Through The Lines Of Literature
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We live in a global world, where links with neighbouring countries are more and more important. In this world, sometimes we tend to forget how important key competences are, and how art is connected to everyday life. This project aims at improving these key competences mainly through the lines of literature supporting all fields of the language curriculum, and multicultural literature in particular offers many benefits that make our students value their cultural heritage and feel proud of it as well as fight prejudice and develop a deep understanding and acceptance of other cultures. As English is the only way of communicating with their partners from Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain they will on the one hand improve their speaking skills, and on the other hand, their motivation will be increased as they use the language in real life and not in a simulated learning situation. The fact that the students participate in planning, performing and evaluating the project will make them regard their learning process as more participative and meaningful and make them feel responsible for the outcome, which will have a positive impact on building up self-confidence and self-esteem. In the process of the project, the students of all participating schools will be involved in different national and transnational activities like research, reading, having multimedia meetings, making interviews, creating collages, presentations, video clips, tourist guides, etc. All activities will be implemented with a collaborative approach to promote teamwork. Our methodology will also foster the use of ICTs and favour our students' autonomy. As our students are aged 11-16, the tasks will be adapted to their age and competences. It is one of our aims not only to involve the students taking part in the mobilities but to open the project for as many students as possible. But it is not only students this project is aimed at. Teachers will also be the target of the project, because they will have the chance to improve their English, exchange good teaching practices and learn from each other, create a network with other teachers to work beyond the project and live a European experience which will be very enriching for their teaching practice. In addition to the results regarding key competences there will be a number of concrete results like a book with bibliographies and texts of writers from the participating countries, tourist guides, video clips and exhibitions, which will be publicized in all participating countries. We expect our project to have long-term results, too, as our students and teachers will establish bounds with students from five other European countries which will last when the project is finished. The experiences will hopefully increase the number of students reaching higher education, help to reduce early school leaving and fight youth unemployment, which are objectives complying with the European policies reflected in the European Strategy for Education and Training 2020. Working on that goal together with students and teachers from other countries sharing the same problems will unite us and give both schools and cities participating in the project a European dimension.



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