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EuRoPe Tailors
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strategic framework of this project is represented by the European Development Plan of our institution and by the Institutional Development Plan. The project aims to significantly contribute to the institutional efforts to acquire the strategic objectives of the EDP, especially those referring to the improvement of the quality and attractiveness of VET education. It will be carried out by Liceul Tehnologic Petricani in partnership with Europroyectos Leonardo da Vinici (intermediary organization) and ALCOS ZM MOVILES S.L. also known under the commercial name of NAOMI CONFECCIÓN Y ARREGLOS from Cordoba, Spain over a period of 12 months. The project is a continuation of a set of intensive measures undertaken starting from 2013, in order to rise the quality of our educational services to European standards. Our institution is operating into a disadvantaged rural area, Petricani village, Neamt county, NE Romania. It is a technological high school offering education services for 800 students, through the efforts of a staff of 70 teachers. We are offering level I , II and III qualification programs in the field of textile industry, tailoring a and fashion design. Most of our students are coming from disadvantaged background, confronting to different obstacles (financial, geographical, social). The main problem of our institution is that a large number of students is dropping out school after finishing a cycle (mostly after the 8th grade, considering that compulsory education involves 10 grades). This project is adressed to the students enrolled in arts and crafts classes, recently re-estblished in our institution. The target group will be formed of 20 students enrolled in the lower secondary cycle, for the level I qualification - textiles worker. The project is needed in order to motivate those students to continue their education and obtain a superior qualification and also to facilitate their further integration on labor market. The predicted impact is significant both on students (which will be equipped with key, transversal and specialized technical competencies) and on local community (including their families as they have up to 10 siblings and on local economic operators). Due to the contents of the training (the students will learn to create and execute wedding dresses and party outfits in a boutique-type firm) the project meets the needs of the local labor market. The project also aims to produce a series of resources (website, methodologies, project management tools, etc.) and to make them available for a large number of potential beneficiaries. The dissemination strategy ensures a broad, European level coverage.



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