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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project we will host 3 young people involve in the EVS project. The mission are : - In Communauté de Communes de Vivre en Cévennes for 1 young people in October 2015 during 9 months. He will be in contact with several kind of public, and will participate to help leadin cultural, social and sport activities for them and he will prepare some events about european cup of football 2016. - In communauté de communes Gangeoise et Suménoise for 2 young people in October 2015 during 9 months. They have to help leading activities for young people : discovering of other culture, create a youth exchange, help pupils in educatif time and they will prepare some events about european cup of football 2016. Work's methodology : Involvment of the young in the profesional team that give the opportunity to discover the organisation. The young people is learning directly the reality of the organisation. The young people are more implicate in doing action. The team of the organisation have to help him. takin : risck, autonomy and responsability are the basis of our methodology to young people in EVS believes in themeselve. All of this action gives the opportunity of the young people to learn new competencies, discover the europe diversity, have funny time and share experiencies with the others people. The EVS takes an important place in the young people way, and adds value. The main objectives is preparing them to a best social and profesional integration. This EVS missions reinforce the patnerships between the organisations of young and pratics exchange about europe mobility. Europe gives a sens to the humans values. This mission will give the opportunity to prepare the territory for the event : "Euro Foot 2016" to promote the european dimension and no competitive way in sport to the local population.



3 Participants partenaires