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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Europe - our professional field" focuses on strengthening practical competencies of secondary school students at Secondary Business and Technical School, Ltd. in Zlin through training of selected work operations during their internships with foreign partners. There are a total of four partner organizations: Reattiva in Italy, Malta European Mobility in Malta, EUROPROYECTOS LEONARDO DA VINCI S.L. in Spain and Secondary Polytechnic School in Slovakia. In the project we plan to send six groups of students of different fields of study in total, which are taught at our school: Business and Marketing Services (Framework educational program Dealers), Technical and Information Services (Framework educational program Economics and Business), Heavy Current Electrician and Locksmith (Framework educational programs Electrician and Mechanic). Each group will consist of six students; there will be 36 students altogether. Students will be accompanied by the teaching staff; one person accompanying the group during the project at a time, therefore six accompanying persons will be involved in total. For these individuals, the experience gained in organizing working programs will inspire them to their educational work and will motivate them in their further work on the project. Project activities include both administration and project management as well as the selection and preparation of participants, the actual implementation of individual internships and evaluation and diffusion of the results. The European Qualifications Framework in relation to the Czech National Qualifications Framework and the Law no. 179/2006 Legal Code on verification and recognition of further education is the methodological framework for the content of internship. The biggest problem of the graduates of specialized schools is the fact that when applying for a job they cannot substantiate practice, which is for companies or other employee institutions very important criterion for their admission. The project therefore solves the possibility of recognizing the practical experience gained during the study period, and both the sending organization and partners create the conditions for this step. During the internship, the students will have the possibility to verify the applicability of the results of formal, non-formal and informal learning in European environment, which should motivate them to further lifelong learning. The main objective of the project aspires primarily to increase the competency of graduates, and their personal, social and professional fulfilment even in several professional specializations. The aim is to enhance employment prospects after graduation. In addition, the project wants to strengthen a number of so-called soft skills of secondary school graduates, resulting in communication skills, gaining good work habits, increasing career awareness and the need to work with a sense of job satisfaction, but also have respect for the value of money and to be able to manage their own means in terms of financial literacy. The ambitions of the applicant regarding the importance and success of the project are based on the experience from past Leonardo da Vinci projects, but also from our own experience in management of education process using various tools, from administration through practical legislative matters in the organization of teaching students in various fields of study, in both theoretical education and practical training. Concerning the long term benefit of the project we expect increasing interest in the practice-oriented courses of study, gaining work habits of students in preparation for their future career, their motivation to be flexible at the labour market and positive attitude to lifelong learning in various forms of training and also gaining awareness about working conditions in the framework of the European labour market.



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