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Europe One – Refugees mission to survive
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Europe One - Refugees mission to survive" is 7 days training course that will take place in Kiev, Ukraine. We would like to take “Europe One" as a starting point for putting the situation of refugees in Europe in the center of attention of the current issue of the Thematic Series. This project is an initiative adopted by different 10 European and partner countries - from Poland, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbajcan, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey including participants with migration background and experts who works with refugees and youth every day in their societies. The unique project seeks to counter obstacles to insights into the daily lives of refugees using multimedia storytelling to promote social integration of refugee life in some of EU member states challenging stereotypes against migration in Europe. “Europe One" is the joint effort aiming at changing the lives accelerating equality and improving the socio-economic and democratic life in the EU.The refugee crises continue to be one of the most vulnerable challenges that Europe faces following characteristics of refugees in a comparative manner. During 7 days of training course “Europe One” participants besides the deep analysis of the current situations and policies and ad-hoc strategies of the countries towards refugees. Further will develop new methods and tools of work that can be implemented in order to combat exclusion of youth with migrant background and support equity and dialogue between them and their peers in countries of migration. In order to immerse deeply into the topic participants will be experiencing and reflect during the simulation game. This simulation will help to try between being “inside” an environment and being an outsider looking in (fostering insights gained from perspective). One of the messages from this session is to raise awareness for effective intercultural learning there is a need to create space of equality first. The idea for an effective intercultural outcome to combine with some other types - Human Rights, Citizenship, Anti-racism, Conflict transformation, etc. It is not only about changing perception of reality; it is also about changing reality itself. Videos will be filed online to bring cross-border and cross-cultural understanding of some of the most intractable challenges faced by our global society.We would like to cover such a objectives of this TC:- to explore and understand the entire process that leads to social exclusion of refugees;- to identify the competences that young people can develop in connection with refugees and mobility;- to develop methods of youth work that can contribute to combating exclusion of young migrants and radicalization of youth;- to raise awareness on the topic of intercultural communication;- to ensure immersive understanding of profile and social problems of refugees in Europe;- to equip the participants with skills concerning dialogue and tolerance;- to share knowledge and skills in the field of conducting negotiations in different cultural environments, both on local and European level;- to teach basic tools in videography and to realize several video materials regarding the topic;- to enable youth workers practice their skills and competences in the field of resolving conflicts. Methodology of non-formal education will be used, learning by doing experiences, and best practices sharing. The narrative style of this project is designed in order to give a voice to the subjects, enabling them to take ownership of their photos and providing them with platforms to share their successes and challenges they face with a global audience with a view to promoting intercultural dialogue and positive social change. "Europe One" will change the mindsets and will shift so that beneficiaries start looking at "other people" in the same way they look at themselves.



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