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Europe of Tomorrow
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Europe of Tomorrow” engaged 50 young people from 10 European countries, who gathered together in an international seminar in Luxembourg 16-22 February 2016 in order to discuss with experts, decision makers as well as to debate between each other about how to promote youth participation and how we can find innovative ways to overcome barriers of youth participation and to achieve inclusion. The whole project lasted for 9 months and Together Luxembourg was the coordinating organisation of it. The project consisted of 3 main phases: Phase 1 (September - December 2015) Together with the partners, and they in their turn, together with the young people from their NGOs, we worked on the creation of the questionnaires on youth participation. Young people through out the questions that they would like to have the answers to and this is how the questionnaires were built. Then, they were distributed widely throughout their friends, in the social networks, through the contacts of the NGOs and so on. The objective of the preparation phase after having completed the questionnaires, was to receive as many answers to them as possible, as this was the part we wanted to continue to work on during the international seminar. Phase 2 (February 2016) Together Luxembourg hosted and implemented the main activity of the implementation phase, a 7-days conference in Differdange, Luxembourg, 16-22 February 2016. The programme combined various non-formal education activities in a culturally diverse environment. Young people were given presentations about good practices of youth participation in their countries, as well as they had a chance to compare the results of the questionnaires and summarized them, pointing out the strategies of improving youth participation in their countries. The main aim of the project was also based on these researches and experiences to build a structured dialogue with the political representatives, thus, influencing the policy making process and making the voice of young people heard, as well as representing their needs. They participated in open space workshops and discussion groups. The learning activities were complemented with the visits and meetings organised with the representatives in Luxembourg. This all created an effective space for dialogue and exchange of opinions on a variety of themes. Phase 3 (March - April 2016) The last stage of the project that included the dissemination of the project results as well as local activities, organised by young people, aimed at raising participation among young people in their countries, as well as continuing to dialogue with the decision makers at the local and national levels.



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