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Europe in Love: creating European citizenship
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Europe in love" project is a Strategic Partnerships addressing more than one field of the School Education but also providing relevant results in the Vocational Training (VET) and Youth field. Love is the project connecting thread and the main link between people and cultures. Besides, love is the engine that fulfils and guides our lives. It is everywhere and there are lots of different ways of loving, being all as good as any other. Love has no borders, understands no language and has no age restrictions. Europe and europeanism need to look for solid and common references to consolidate its existence and also to guarantee the progress in the union process. We do not want an educational project for students and by students but involving politics too, because it might lead to disagreement. We have looked for a common connecting thread we all know and feel and that, far from being practical or rational, is addressed to our feelings and our hearts. Sometimes is really positive to follow your heart. This project involves six educational institutions from Germany (Gesamtschule An der Erft), Slovakia (ZS a Gymnàzium s VJM), England (Carrickfergus College), Italy (Liceo Classico Statale Giulio Perticari), Finland (Myllyharjun Lukio) and Spain (Patronato de la Juventud Obrera). The plan integrates secondary education, vocational training, high secondary education and also enhances the methodologies of non-formal and informal education. Most of the teachers and the students between 12 and 18 years are expected to participate. The project comprehends a simultaneous process of learning and producing intellectual results, being the students themselves who will learn and participate in the whole process. With love as a central theme, the main objectives of the project will be: Compile: Students will research the historical heritage of Europe, both past and present, including legends, films, music, places, traditions, customs, poems, etc. Once the information has been compiled and always with the advice and supervision of the teachers, students will Reflect (on): compiled material after it has been analysed, catalogued, classified and organised in a way it can be used to Produce: and develop three high quality intellectual products including: - Teaching units that will be part of the subjects European Union, History and practical English curricula. - Professional audiovisual production recorded by the students and where the students themselves explain the history of Europe to be used in video and sound Vocational Training courses. - Methodological guide of non-formal education in youth throught the new technologies and ICTs. All materials shall be compatible with the different curricula of all the schools and organizations in different countries. Additionally, an eTwinning project through Twinspace system will be created to publish the advance of compilation and the ongoing production. This will be our window to look out for people’s reaction and, at the same time, the window where people can look through to know us and participate in this project. To obtain the expected results, as well as constant communication and coordination between all partners, continuous work and meetings on-line, there will be meeting spaces every six months to work together: - 4 transnational project meetings for teachers will be held to begin, define and work in the intellectual products - 3 mobilities events where the students will participate and eventually develop all materials, being this a fundamental process to their learning - An international multiplier event where the project outcome will be publicly presented. Finally, it should be noted the great impact this project will have at the local, regional, national and European level since a number of materials in English, with clear added value, will be developed in the field of education, vocational training and youth. All this educational products will be used by different schools, institutes of VET as well as youth and non-formal education organizations, having a direct and great impact on thousands of students and young people who want to acquire and improve their foreign language skills, their knowledge of our common european history and their sense of european citizenship.



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