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Europe for Rural Youth
Date du début: 1 août 2013,

“Europe for Rural Youth” is an 12 days long multilateral youth exchange for 25 participants (with less opportunities) from rural areas and 7 youth leaders from Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia and Moldova. The exchange will take place in Lviv, Ukraine on August 17-28th, 2013 .The goal of the project is to explore different ways of making environmentally friendly choices as members of youth organizations and rural communities or in other words: big integration, big exploring, big intercultural and eco-time learning – a GREAT opportunity for young people with less opportunities from rural areas to experience different forms of being active, ways of exploring the world and meet people from foreign countries for the first time in their lives, develop their interest in history, nature, culture, photography, to cross stereotypes about other cultures and disabilities. Everything is planned according to experimental pedagogy with involving “heads, hearts and hands”.During the project, the participants will go through national handcrafts workshops, photo workshop and extraordinary exploring history and culture via a city game, they will spend active time on survival training in tents, while rafting and during night forest games. Project will be full of intercultural learning by informal conversation, lots of group work, learning each others cultures during artistic programmes of intercultural evenings (prepared by groups) and also by being with disabled participants. From pictures we plan to take, we will create multimedia photo album which will be distributed to everyone in order to promote active ways of group integration as an example of finding joy and happiness by different activities for all.


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