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Europe for all
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This three separate youth exchanges have brought together participants between 13-18 years and 6 leaders and social workers of High Oak Youth Centre, Torpoint Youth Club, Momentum and Arbeiterkammer Tirol. The activities took part separate at the premises of the Arbeiterkammer, called Seehof. "First time Europe", "Youth power" and "Culture and diversity" have been established to offer experience to the participating youngsters. The red robe through the projects: to understand Europe, their own and other cultures and the idea of exploring and living together. The objective of the project was to give the participants the understanding, as beside loads of common things, differences in the countries, cultures and realities are different due to different facts (religion, language, economy, social life and values) but that young people are united obviously through a common Europe but much more through to a similar youth culture. Music and dance as two of many have let them discover that many borders are existing in minds, but reality is much more common. Further objective of the projects was to give the participants their first European experience, through which they gained new knowledge, ideas and skills, using debates, visits and intercultural activities. In this way the participants had loads of fun but also learned together. The participants of all 3 activities have had the chance to "smell the international air" and understand differences and similarities of history and culture in Europe. Above all, they have had fun, and ended up friends and with an appetite for more European opportunities in future. With our attractive and inclusive programme for youngsters we animated who are most probably not participating in any European programme. For this reason we also included dance and music. Nevertheless we went very deep into what is culture, society and participating in society. This cultural exchanges provided them with new knowledge, ideas and skills, using dancing, music, visits and intercultural activities. They have been able to break down their barriers and prejudices towards others in a easy way.Very positively it seems, that with the 3 exchanges we have been able to give the young people the sense of "BEING PART OF EUROPE"!



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