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Europe explained: Inter-University Summer School on EU Policy-making
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Summer School on European Policy-making is an intensive two-week study programme with a strong multidisciplinary character, developed and delivered by the Institute for European Studies, VUB, in close cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and Vienna University. Its key features are:• Inter-university cooperation: each partner contributes within their core fields of expertise, ensuring the high academic quality of the programme;• Multidisciplinary character: the course addresses political, economic and legal issues related to EU affairs through lectures and practical activities led by specialists in each discipline;• “Blended Learning” approach: combining various types of learning activities, such as: lectures, seminar debates, group activities, simulation games, study visits, all supported via an interactive online platform; strong focus on offering opportunities too practically apply the knowledge acquired;• All activities are led by a team of academics and practitioners, in order to cover the various angles of the EU policy-making process;• Strong quality assurance mechanisms: the programme is built on a 12-year tradition and renewed each year to cover the latest developments in the EU and to help participants respond to the challenges of working in EU affairs.The programme runs over two weeks, the first one taking place in Brussels at the IES and the second one in Vienna at the Diplomatic Academy. The first week focuses the various decision-making actors and processes and also looks at the implementation process at national level. Study visits to the main EU institutions are complemented by lectures from senior academics and by high-level officials from the Brussels based European institutions. During the second week, in Vienna, a team of experts offer in-depth knowledge of European policy-making in various fields. The Summer School includes two simulation exercises that allow students to put into practice the knowledge acquired.