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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays,wherever the place you are in our european community, our children live in an internet and electronic era. In our modern way of life, we often complain about the fact that kids can not have fun with simple things. Adults are often likely to overwhelm their kids with too much « modern stuff ». That is the reason why we choose as our topic for Erasmus project, « traditional games and sports». For as long as we can remember kids have always played. The game bring up a child to alduthood. Therefore exploring the games our grand parents were playing, discovering the games kids are playing abroad, participate to understanding that some games are timeless and with no frontiers. On the one hand, our quest and collection of traditional games will bring for sure to nowadays kids, their share of wonderment. On the other hand the broadcasting of a movie from Cassandre Hornez « Jouons » (let’s play in english) will bring together the kids and their parents. Those are the two side of the project we aim to conduct for the two years cursus. The games are by themselves something universal, that go far beyond borders, cultures, or colors. Therefore we expect that this « World language » that the games are will educate our pupils to be more tolerant, respectful and open towards the world out there. We will add up also to this idea of empathy, self-respect, in four words: « mens sana in corpore sano ». Hopefully, the next step in our project would be an exhibition dealing with the importance of games and sports in arts and literature. Two weeks per year, we will put together our research in order to show in our schools the progresses in this ambitious project. Meanwhile our website will broadcast our works in progress;



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