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Europe burning up the stage
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Europe burning up the stage" will concern young people with fewer opportunities, between 18 and 25, from various European countries, to meet, to live together for eight days, to share knowledge and personal skills through non-formal education activities. The opportunity to have an experience with the young people of a different nationality will give them a vision of the European reality and the cultural diversity. The group will be made up of five young people and a leader by participating countries. This intercultural meeting will take place in Fargues Saint Hilaire and Bordeaux in France of Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 11th, June 2015. This exchange will permit participants to discover the cultural offer of Bordeaux Metropole. The youth will spend a whole day at the festival "Echappée Belle" famous event that promotes the performing arts. Moreover, they have the opportunity to visit one of the greatest theater in Bordeaux : the “TnBA” (Théâtre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine, Théâtre du Port de la Lune). One evening will be organized with a local partner around the cultural offer, artistic practices of young people and their view of culture today. Participants will learn about the performing arts. Theater, circus, dance and the image will be the tools used to develop their capacity of creativity, peer-to-peer learning : to work together around a common cultural project. Workshops will be organized throughout the week supervised by professionals. These workshops will result in restitution in front of a public ; on the same artistic and logistical aim that the festival “Echappée Belle”. This restitution in front of an audience will promote openness to others, creativity, collective and individual development, expertise and knowledge in the week by youth. Participants will have the choice between: - a theater workshop: some young people will be on stage and the other part will work on the technical aspects of theater: the sound or the set. - a circus workshop : participants will work to circus arts. - a hip hop workshop: Youth will be introduced to this urban dance - Photo and video : participants should convey the founding aims of an exchange through these media. An exhibition will be set up during the restitution and could be visible to the public. Then, the exhibition will be stored in the offices of Contrôle Z to encourage to other young people to participate in mobility projects. This exchange placed under the sign of interculturality, culture and the arts is an advantage for the personal future and career of the young participants.



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