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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The reception of an EVS in Ifs is envisaged both from municipality and educational structures . It's directly in line with the political project of the municipal team. This is an action for Ifs citizen and mostly children and youth. It builds on a partnership established with the Committee of twinning Ifs wishing to diversify there activities and association project. The EVSwill be host from September to June 2015 (10 months) The countries are program countries and partner countries. In this case we will develop a France-Bosnia Herzegovina partnership. We lay to host one volunteer at a time. The Municipality council is newly elected to the territory, so we want to live this experience with one single volunteer prior to further develop this system. The activities of the position will be on a territorial approach in a back and forth between the municipality council and twinning committee. Thus we can develop consistent and complementary projects in the territory ifois. We will work on methods from non-formal education. Intervention EVS through workshops, exchange, fun activities, presentations, interventions in schools and educativs leisures activities in a logic of co-construction with partners. The contribution of EVS is the participation and the creation of diverse and varied activities, language activities, analysis of the skills acquired and / or under development, regular reviews, Youth Pass. The volunteer, through this experience, will gain skills on theoretical knowledge (project methodology, knowledge of the public, linguistic and cultural learning), know-how (animation techniques, speak to an audience) and social skill (work on group dynamics, adaptability over the public, relational).



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