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Europakompetenz für alle
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As a modern center of vocational training and further education in the north of Lower Saxony/ Germany the BBS Cuxhaven unites with its 2500 students and 150 teachers a diversity of training programs and different schools including specialized vocational high schools in the fields of business, technology, health and care, nutrition and pedagogies and psychology. In 2005 it took part in the former Leonardo da Vinci program for the first time to enable future educators an 8- week work placement in kindergartens in Seville/Spain. The demand for work placements in foreign countries has risen enormously among young students. That is why the possibilities for such work placements in Great Britain, France and in further cities in Spain have to be enlarged. Additionally a greater variety of professions like chefs, bakers, hotel specialists, waiters/waitresses, electricians, car mechatronics, printers, media designers, bank clerks, office clerks and hairdressers should be included. They get the chance to work in a company for 3 weeks to get to know the new work culture/ethic, build up contact to native workers and use a foreign language in their daily lives. Thus their intercultural competence, their self confidence and their motivation to carry on learning will be strengthened and additionally an understanding for different cultures will be developed developed. In total 35 participants per flow will be travelling to Spain, France and Great Britain to be qualified better for their daily work within this foreign work placement. They will gain insight in the Spanish, French and British world of work and therefore improve their chances on the European job market. At the same time they will be able to develop new vocational perspectives and enlarge their vocational skills. Included in this application process is the EU team, that was formed at this college in 2014 as well as the project- coordinator. In this EU team there is one colleague from each field of work and the training company who is responsible for the selection of the apprentices as well. After the presentation of this program in autumn 2014, the application procedure (letter of motivation, Europass- CV) and the selection of the participants through the trainers in the company, the teachers and project- coordinator the applicants will travel in the period between January until the beginning of March. The time depends on the season for the individual training fields. In Cuxhaven, where tourism plays an important role the employees (hospitality and catering and bakery) are highly required during high season from March until October. An important aim of the BBS Cuxhaven is the internationalization, the acceptance of competences and qualifications in and from other countries, the enlargement of the level of awareness of the Euro pass and to make the program Erasmus+ known to a wider public. This can be done by spreading their results and experiences through local media. The effect of the project and the role of Europe in the fields of work and in the lives of the young people will gain importance. The aim of this application is to increase the number of mobilities of trainees from now 0, 6% to 2-3%. On the long run it is planned to reach the rate which is desired by politics of 10%, but as well mobilities of trainers (in companies and college) are planned in the medium term.



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