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Europäischer Freiwilligendienst im ZFP
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The centre for adapted padagogy (ZFP) ist a school centre with two primary school and one primary and secondary school. All together they are 250 pupils with a handicap or a special need in education. Besides those school, we head a centre for assistence during homework for 120 children from all differents schools of Eupen. 40 volunteers support these chidren in doing their daily homework. The aim of the ZFD is to work in an holistic and inclusiv approach and to coach each child in a individual and adapted way. We are open minded for innovatif working methods. Therefor we are in an continually echange with other regional, national and europeen schools and other partners. Through the EVS will will give youth the oppurtunity to make work experiences (dealing with handicaped children or intercultural challenges, teamwork, school organization, project design, conflit managment). They will also make personal experiences (autonomy, personal responsability, communication, intercultural exchange). The two volunteer will make life und work experiences and our institution will benefit from their help, their ideas and their engagements. We will also benefit from the cultural exchange with the volunteers and their sending organisations. We offer two EVS projects: 1st place: EVS in Sankt Vith: Hannah Islitzer ist 18 yaers old and living in Kärnten, Austria. She is motivate to work with children and has already some practical training with smal children. She wants to come to Sankt Vith for six month, which is fitting well with the expectation of the school. During the EVS Hannah will assist and teach children in the age between 4 and 13. She will work within a multidisciplinary team and organize the day-to-day activities for the childrens together with her colleagues. Besides the mainstream challenge to learn to get more autonom, the children do handicraft works, sports, music and have some learning units . Hannah will have the opportunity to initiate her own little projects. 2nd place: EVS in Eupen: Saskia Pircer is 18 years old and living in Bad Eisenkappen, Austria. She is motivate to work with children with differents cultural backgrounds and she has some exipiences in project management. She wants to come for 10 month witch is fitting well with the expectations of the project. Saskia will coach 6 to14 years old children during her school homework . Together with the coordinator of the centre and 40 other volunteers, she will assist 120 children on there duty to make homework. Beside this, Saskia will help to organize out- and indoor activities (cooking, music, sports, handicraft, dancing,...) for the childrens and a festival on mai to celebrate with the parents and other guests of the town. Saskia will also have the opportunity to learn some french. Both volunteers are germanspeaking which will help them to start the work straight away, without communication challenges.



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