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Europäischer Freiwilligendienst im Agapedia Kinderzentrum Esslingen 2015/16
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Three participants from Turkey, Italy and Spain will spend the European Voluntary Service at the Agapedia Centre for Children in Esslingen near Stuttgart/Baden-Württemberg for one year. They will be involved in daily activities of an organisation, which offers a voluntary non-formal learning place for children of the age group of 6 until 12 years. The three participants will enrich the work of Agapedia because of their own cultural background and their mother tongues. In accordance to their qualifications and interests, the volunteers will realise their own projects in fields such as art, sports and transnational NGO cooperation. They will have the opportunity to develop and manage the project "Agapedia ART-Werkstatt" (Agapedia ART workshop). The intention of the project is to offer children spaces for creativity. The volunteers will accompany this process. The artistic products will be presented in various ways to the public (e.g. festival, medical practice). Each of the volunteer will get the chance to bring in and to improve their specific personal competences. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to learn from each other: The Italian artist will mainly help to develop creative abilities of the children. The Turkish volunteer who has also a huge passion for cultural work will also focus on artistic activities. The Spanish organisational talent will be in particular in charge of the event management and organisational issues. Moreover, she will be involved in the planning and implementation of activities of the transnational NGO network "Jugend im Wandel" ("Youth in Change"). All volunteers will offer sports to the kids. The EVS will contribute to the development of skills and strengthen the competences of the volunteers (such as project management, soft skills). During the project, the volunteers further develop their own personality; discover their strengths and specific abilities. They should have an unforgettable stay in Germany and will enrich the world of Agapedia. The Agapedia team will support the volunteers the whole time. Through various activities, they will become part of the local community. The project will also contribute to the extension of European networks and cooperation of Agapedia.



3 Participants partenaires