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Európa v nás, my v Európe
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The grammar school "Gymnázium Golianova" is attended by 674 students from the entire district. Our school decided to start this project because it aims to: -deepen the language knowledge of the teacher, particularly in the bilingual section -gain the CLIL methodology -refresh the teaching skills and acquaint new technologies in ESL classes -create new international contacts -stabilize the employee team -compare the educational systems of the European Union All 5 participants are foreign language teachers with 1-10years of teaching experiences. All of them teach English language and specific subjects in the English language at the bilingual section of the school. Four of them teach or are preparing for the teaching of other subjects (Math, Art and Culture, Civics, IT) in the English language. The activities focus on the individual mobilities in the European Union with the English or Spanish language being the official languages in the target countries. Expected results: -improving of the language competencies of the teachers -active implementation of the acquired creative methods into the teaching process which influence the motivation of the students to achieve better results -creating new international contacts -supporting of teachers self-confidence and personality in his professional development -preparing of authentic presentations and materials for colleagues and students -modernization of the teaching process -sensibilisation for the multicultural society From the long-term point of view will the project asset to the students, who will gain the possibility to learn from more qualified teachers, to deepen their language competencies in a creative process and so new opportunities of their further studies or occupation will be added in all countries of the European Union. The school expects also, that the participants will bring in the knowledge about the management of the teaching process in the host countries what can possibly contribute to the modernization of our school system. Created networks of the personal international contacts will enable the school to choose partners for the future cooperation in the EU projects more easily.