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Europa od kuchni szansą na rozwój branży gastronomicznej w regionie
Date du début: 31 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Europa od kuchni szansą na rozwój branży gastronomicznej w regionie" is a response to a very strong interest in the youth of the School of Agricultural Training Centre in the Old Lubiejewie improving their professional skills abroad, and on the need for students appropriate and necessary in today's world of competence and skills, to help them start in life. The aim of the project was to support the students in raising and skills development of professional skills of students enrolled in the profession of nutrition and technology services organizations, learning the language industry, knowledge of methods and organization of work, technical equipment and its operation as well as new trends in gastronomy. He was to serve as solving occurring in the region, the problems of unemployment, social exclusion and environmental protection. Solving complex problems of the region, in particular employment growth, it causes that it becomes necessary to search for new solutions and opportunities to improve and develop the professional skills of young people. The project was aimed at students of the School of Agricultural Training Centre in the Old Lubiejewie. They carried out a 20-day training through apprenticeships. Internships were organized with partners in Portugal and Greece. The project has been realized trips to two groups of students: Portugal - spring 2015 -14 + tutor students; and to Greece - at the turn of September and October 2015 years -14 students and accompanying person. Project participants in the majority of cases come from rural families engaged in agricultural farms. The majority are families affected helplessness and pathology. Combined with high unemployment occurring in the region, students and graduates are more at risk of social exclusion. Youth often takes negative patterns presented in the house, it shows the attitude of entitlement, not a task. Participation in the project will shape among students and graduates open to the world and gain new experiences attitude. The internship was prepared on the basis of experience gained from the implementation of mobility projects and in cooperation with employers in the region who are waiting for independent, creative and mobile labor market employee, and in the future, ready to make decisions on employment and self-employment. Internship program and its terms have been agreed to constitute the basis for professional skills during external examination confirming vocational qualifications for the profession.



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