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Europa.Next Station: Vocational Training Network
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

General Management of Education, Vocational Training and Educational Innovation in Council of Culture and Education in Galicia is in Santiago de Compostela and manages 205 schools in Galicia.Educational adviser and international program coordinator promotes and coordinates european projects with 19 Vocational Training schools with their international coordinators. We want to extend european culture and the new program of Erasmus + between schools in Galicia through the experience of the international program coordinator in Council of Education and Vocational Training schools. Secondary schools want to learn to prepare their own international projects in the future. Wich are the objectives? 1-Consolidating mobility of Leonardo in the network in Vocational Training schools 2-Adding Secondary schools in Galicia to our project to improve the number of mobility 3-Improving the quality of mobility and making the most of sinergies in the network 4-Students learn other ways working to improve their employment and the economic development in Galicia 5-Improving linguistic abilities of students 6-Transmitting and informing to educational community about positive values of the network Sending partner are: -19 Vocational Trainig schools in Galicia with international coordinators -18 Secondary schools in Galicia that are vety interested in learning to mange Leonardo projects Hosting partners are from Finland, Germany, Portugal, Poland, France, Italy, Ireland, England, Malta...Some of them are Educational Authority coordinating a lot of schools The people who are participating in the project are: -mobility for students to practice in enterprises: 10 weeks. We ask for 340 mobilities -mobility for students to practice in enterprises when they have finished their studies until 12 months before: 6 months. We ask for 20 mobilities -mobility for teachers to training: 1 week. We want 51 mobilities Activities: Meeting with international coordinators of Vocational Training shools and Secondary schools to: - to agree to spreading our project in schools -comunicating the Agreement that we would signand the data of hosting partners -coordinating the management of mobility, work to do, accommodations, control of work... - to recognize the worth of value of the project The international coordinators have to: -choose students in accordance with principles of arragement in the project -know linguistic needs of the students -write training agreement -prepare students on line about linguistic needs Students that finished their studies until 12 months before can do a mobility of 6 months International program coordinator in Council of Education has to: -inform to international coordinators about their work -manage the bank transfer to every Vocational Training school and Secondary school in our project to pay to students -manage Mobility Tool Impact of the project: -about participants: if students continue studying; if they are working in Galicia or abroad; if the improve about linguistic abilities has been good for their work -improve teaching and training of the teachers -spread european culture in the society -go down youth unemployment rate



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