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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Vocational Training Centre Majada Marcial is located in Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura. We hav several mediun and higher degree cycles of 10 Professional Families. The number of students enrolled in this course is greater than 1100 and greater than 70. The CIFP Majada Marcial teacher is certified by ISO 9001: 2008, with other centers of the Canary Islands. The Center has awarded the Erasmus Higher Education (CAST) in the 2014-2020 Charter and the Charter of Mobility Training (VET) for 2015-2020. The main objectives of this project are: - To facilitate the realization of the FCT in European companies to students in intermediate cycles of different professional families - Improve the language skills of the participants to perform their work competently. - Promote awareness and professional labor market in other countries, promoting the incorporation to it. - Improve the curriculum of students. - Develop links exchange students with different partners. The results are: - Obtaining an added value to their training. - Improving language skills - Student satisfaction with mobilities and practices. - Teacher satisfaction with the formative experiences. The participants were a group of 22 students of second course (1 with Beca 0), 12 teachers from the departments of Administration and Management, Personal Image, Energy and Water, Socio-Cultural and Community Services and Electrical and Electronics and an accompanying teacher . Participating students are, except for a student, young people over 18 and of different ages, social skills and experiences are different. A large number had not left national boundaries and are not used to be handled individually in unfamiliar situations. The mobilities were made: Course 2014-15: POLAND: 2 students of Denpendency Care Assistants 1 student with grant 0. GERMANY: 3 students of Electromechanics Motor Vehicles. POLAND: 6 students of Administrative Management, Commercial Activities, Care for Dependent Persons and Microcomputer Systems and Networks Course 2015-16: POLAND: 4 teachers of Administration and Management and Electricity and Electronics. UNITED KINGDOM: 4 teachers of Electromechanics, Administration and Management and Socio-Cultural Services and the Community. GERMANY: 1 student of Electromechanics. POLAND: 9 students of Dependency Care, Microcomputer Systems and Networks, Health Emergency, Hairstyling and Cosmetics Hair and Commercial Activities. 1 accompanying teacher. BELGIUM: 4 Teachers of Administration and Management, Electrical and Electronics and Energy and Water. The seats were assigned in order of baremación, according to published selection criteria, and a reserve list was published. Project activities included: - Informing students about the possibility of participation in the project - Selection of participants and language training - During the mobilities, participants performed internships in companies in Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, and Belgium for 1 month, for students, and for a week for teachers. Supervision of participants assigned tutors made in partner companies, the tutor / a FCT and the team of teachers of European projects. - Monitoring from the sending institution via email, phone, WhatsApp and software evaluation practices Prax-Manager. The companies issued certifications and practices Europass mobility documents. - Analysis of results from a satisfaction survey on mobility and individual reports from participants, for the proposed improvements in the management of future projects. - Dissemination of the experiences of the participants in the school. The results are: - Student satisfaction by mobilities. - Providing added value to the Curriculum Vitae of students. - Improved language skills. - Contribution to improving student autonomy - Broadcasting web, Facebook and provincial press, and other internal channels of the Center, information about the project. The possible long-term benefits are: - Improved overall assessment of the Center by the students. - Selection of suitable companies and / or countries for training cycle. - Collaboration with other centers, institutions and companies. - Improving the image projected by the Centre abroad. - Increased mobilities.



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