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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled “Europe educates professionals” is to prepare and undertake a placement in training institutions abroad in the UK in England. This project is going to involve 46 students and 4 teachers from Vocational and Technical Secondary Schools in Lubliniec. Students in our school are trained in mechanics (project planned for 12 students), catering services (16 students) and hairdressing (18 students). The project will be implemented in three phases: preparing a foreign internship, a foreign internship and evaluation. In preparation for the trip will be a teacher for classes on stress management, coping skills in crisis situations, multiculturalism and language preparation classes. The traineeship will last three weeks, hairdressers and mechanics will be trained in the training center HWK Potsdam, Germany while the caterers are going to have practical classes in companies supported essentially and practically by ADC College London - the United Kingdom. The program has been developed jointly by mail and telephone. With the training institutions will be signed a contract which will contain the implementation of the practices, arrangements for accommodation, food and transport, care of the participants, social facilities, organizing trips. The project responds to the needs of the school, the students and the district. The school needs are increase market position of educational services, as well as its prestige, raising the level and quality of education, increasing recruitment results, raising the level of intellectual and cultural of students. The needs of the student are work experience, developing the professional and linguistic abilities, job mobility, gain new life experiences and knowledge, becoming independent, learning about other cultures and gain life skills in a multicultural society, and thus develop cultural awareness project participants. The needs of the district are to promote, improve the quality of services relating to motor vehicles mechanics, hairdressing and catering. Tasks of school and other training institutions involved in vocational education and their implementation are determined by changes taking place in the economic and social environment which affects in particular the idea of ​​a knowledge-based economy, globalization, economic and social processes, increased international trade, geographical and occupational mobility, new techniques and technologies, as well as an increase in employers' expectations in terms of the level of knowledge and skills of employees. The objectives of the project are to improve professional skills, raising the level of knowledge and professional skills, qualitative improvement in European mobility project participants, participants' language skills with special emphasis on professional foreign language training, improving teamwork and individual work, work experience in a modern company oriented to the development of employee, to certificate attesting to the practice and certificates of the companies taking on an internship, learning aspects of work in different linguistic and cultural conditions. The main results of the project will strengthen the professional capacity of participants confirmed by certificates – certificates Europass Mobilities, participation certificates and certificates of the companies taking on an internships, certificates attesting to the language courses and cultural preparation classes. The project involves the dissemination activities results by: summing up conferences, articles published by the local press, articles posted on the internet on the school website, school fb profile, a group on fb relating to internships and workshops for secondary school students and promotional meetings in secondary schools. The project will be constantly monitored and evaluated. Evaluation will be carried out by means of questionnaires developed by the project team checking how participation in the project affects the professional skills of participants, individual and group. In addition there will be organized competition for the best multimedia presentation relating to an internship acquired in the language of the country in which the internship will take place. All the activities will be aimed at finding the strengths of the project, as well as the weak so that the final analysis provided an opportunity to formulate conclusions useful for writing final conclusions useful for work on other projects. All activities are part of European strategy for development which is part of the implementation of strategies for solving social problems in the district.



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